Design: Adam Hillman’s symmetrical foods are oddly satisfying

Adam Hillman's symmetrical foods are oddly satisfying
Adam Hillman's symmetrical foods are oddly satisfying
Adam Hillman

Satisfy your inner control freak with this delectable selection of painstakingly colour coded and intricately arranged foods by Adam Hillman on Instagram. Hillman is now at the helm of one of the most popular Instagram accounts in the world due to his amazing collection of art which is funny, obsessive and quirky. Here is a selection of his art that the anally retentive and impeccable organised among us will enjoy. And also what makes him tick and motivates him to create these collections of juxtaposed objects in such precise ways.

“I began creating these images, which I refer to as Arrangements, a little over a year ago as a part of a Facebook group called Unedited Smartphone Aesthetic Pics. The group features unedited photography taken with low-quality devices such as smartphones, I originally began by taking unedited abstract photos of everyday things, but then later switched to arranging everyday objects to forgo the use of image manipulation. I would describe them as unedited photos of everyday things, arranged utilising abstract patterning and conceptual constructs such as puns,” he says.

“My process can be wildly different from photo to photo, but my usual process will begin with a phrase in mind to depict, which I use as a kind of visual plan. A picture of Matisse’s “Dance” constructed out of Fruity Pebbles, I originally went to the grocery store to find a cereal by Post to depict a piece of “Modern” art, and while I had a small selection of possible paintings I could make and cereal I could use, the pun I wanted to construct came first. Following completion, I took around 30 photos until I found the right composition and angle, making sure that all of the edges were straight and undistorted,” says Hillman.

“I am always obsessed with creating and looking at art, and right now I’m specifically obsessed with Minimalist line drawings by artists such as Sol Lewitt and Agnes Martin.  I am also more generally obsessed with checking Instagram, Tumblr archives, anime, making obnoxious puns, and vegan Mayonnaise,” he says.

Adam Hillman's symmetrical foods are oddly satisfying

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