Exotic Ads of the Past: Apple Computers circa 1981

Source: American Vintage Ads

Ahikabara Tokyo during the day Copyright © Content Catnip 2018 www.contentcatnip.com

Every picture tells a story: Mayhem and maid cafes in Akihabara

Very little can prepare you for how full on Akihabara or Electric Town is in Tokyo. This is the mecca for nerds and gamers, it has more square metres of computer shops here than anywhere else in the world. You can buy anything electronic here. Including ancient computers, gigantic robotic dinosaurs, sex robots, a gazillion…

Every picture tells a story: The mother of us all

Devil’s Advocate: According to Google, Your Data is Not Yours, It’s Everyones, Forever After.

Hint: You ARE JUST A CARRIER, A PRODUCER OF DATA   And your data will be used to refine and manipulate the consumer choices and personal decision-making of all future generations of people. From this video, a leaked internal video from Google, we can see that right now, Google's data profiling capabilities are truly remarkable. Their…