Tiny building sites: It’s a small world after all

Tiny building sites: It's a small world after all

Readers of this blog will understand and share my obsession with small-scale buildings, tiny books, paper towns and jewelry boxes and boudoir ornaments for mermaids. These quirky art forms are uncannily beautiful in their falseness. They also make

Mini Materials now offers lovers of miniature the unprecedented opportunity to build their own life-like models of buildings using real building materials on a 1:12 scale. Owner of the burgeoning online business Matt tells the story better himself.

One day I saw someone making miniature cinder blocks online, and I had a sudden urge to buy some of my own. The novelty and uniqueness appealed to me right away.  However, I couldn’t find them for sale anywhere – so I decided to figure out how to produce them and start selling them myself. I assumed if they appealed to me so much, they must appeal to more people, I couldn’t be the only guy that found these little delightful products so spectacular!

If you or someone you know was one of those kids who loved LEGO and never grew up then this may be the right Christmas present.

You can buy all kinds of Lilliputian sized construction materials including bricks, breeze blocks, timber framing, fencing panels and bins. Everything is shrunken to be exactly 1/12th of the size of the real thing.

Looking at this video here, the process of using mortar on the tiny bricks is rather mesmerising and it looks relaxing even watching it, sort of in a cosy crafty way. I would give it a go, would you?

View more at Mini Materials

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