Travel: Mushroom Reef Sanctuary, Flinders, Mornington Peninsula

Following on from my previous post about Tyabb Packing Centre, here is another little known wonder from the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne where I return to whenever I get the chance.  The Mushroom Reef Sanctuary is home to a gigantic mushroom shaped basalt reef near Flinders in Westernport Bay. Located 86 km from central Melbourne,Continue reading “Travel: Mushroom Reef Sanctuary, Flinders, Mornington Peninsula”

Auckland: Reclaiming the city for pedestrians and cyclists

I got something in the mail the other day. A planned new cycleway running down one of the main streets of Auckland CBD, Nelson st and then criss-crossing all over the city. This is music to my ears as Auckland has to be one of the noisiest and congested cities in this part of theContinue reading “Auckland: Reclaiming the city for pedestrians and cyclists”

The Sea Chair: Oceanic Imposters Turned Into Elegant Art

The Sea Chair is an ingenious and clever response to a growing encumberance that’s carried by our oceans – floating rubbish. Studio Swine and Kieren Jones have merged traditional fishing practices, industry and synthetic materials to fabricate a chair made from discarded plastic on-board of an old fishing vessel and using a custom-made seapress. TheContinue reading “The Sea Chair: Oceanic Imposters Turned Into Elegant Art”