Walter Kronkite: The Promise of the 21st Century’s Bounty (1967)

Quaint, hopeful and at times creepily accurate. This story with Walter Kronkite is just fascinating, as a historical artifact, and also to see just how many of these ideas actually came to fruition and how far beyond these simple ways of living we have come. “The domestication of the computer is upon us”. And what aContinue reading “Walter Kronkite: The Promise of the 21st Century’s Bounty (1967)”

The Vintage Restart Page

Are you lonely and nostalgic for all of the crappy, interminably slow and dull-as-dishwater computers that you have possessed in the past. If you answered yes then enter into the timewarp that is the Vintage Restart Page. This features all of the crappy clip art graphics and quaintly exaggerated shadowing on buttons that you haveContinue reading “The Vintage Restart Page”

Interactive History Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Histography is a visually stunning interactive online timeline that spans across 14 billion years of history, from the Big Bang to 2015. Taking data from Wikipedia, the site updates automatically and orders events using an algorithm. It’s like Wikipedia just with more engaging and interactive audiovisual specs and beautiful typography. The interface allows for usersContinue reading “Interactive History Like You’ve Never Seen It Before”

Find a randomly useful website!

If you’re in a bind, bored of simply tired of the same old mediocre crap in your regular channels or news feeds, then check out this ingenious little tool. This lookup tool allows you to get acquainted with useful websites that offer helpful skills and solutions that are universally handy for anyone. Click to exploreContinue reading “Find a randomly useful website!”

Technobiophilia and why our digital lives don’t need to be frantic

According to Author Sue Thomas who wrote the book Technobiophilia: Nature and Cyberspace there’s an intimate relationship between the language we use online: clouds, rivers, streams, viruses, and bugs and the way that we use our devices to reconnect with nature. According to Thomas, technobiophilia is the ‘innate attraction to life and lifelike processes as they appearContinue reading “Technobiophilia and why our digital lives don’t need to be frantic”

Cruelty Free Product Review: The Charity Pot (How to Gush About Lush)

Let me start off by saying – this is not a sponsored post. This is me wanting to gush about Lush and their superb Charity Pot body lotion. As promised I am going to write about ethical, cruelty free products. This one really takes the cake. Compared to other vibrantly coloured and perfumed products inContinue reading “Cruelty Free Product Review: The Charity Pot (How to Gush About Lush)”

Creepily Correct Predictions Circa 1880 About the World in the 21st Century

Albert Robida was born in 1848 and died in 1926. A French illustrator, etcher, lithographer, caricaturist, and novelist, he came up with some creepily accurate predictions about World War II and also how our world would look like in the 21st Century. He wrote a futuristic trilogy in the same vein as Jules Verne OfContinue reading “Creepily Correct Predictions Circa 1880 About the World in the 21st Century”

The Sea Chair: Oceanic Imposters Turned Into Elegant Art

The Sea Chair is an ingenious and clever response to a growing encumberance that’s carried by our oceans – floating rubbish. Studio Swine and Kieren Jones have merged traditional fishing practices, industry and synthetic materials to fabricate a chair made from discarded plastic on-board of an old fishing vessel and using a custom-made seapress. TheContinue reading “The Sea Chair: Oceanic Imposters Turned Into Elegant Art”

Winning Life’s Trifecta

It’s 2015 baby! Is it time to dust away the cobwebs and start on that new regimen of lifestyle changes? Is it? I don’t put much stock in new year’s resolutions. Any day is a good day to begin the rest of your life. Without getting all Dr. Phil on your ass, here are someContinue reading “Winning Life’s Trifecta”

How to find the right music for coding, writing or any other absorbing activity

A playlist can have magical import upon your creative output. Here’s some music styles that have helped me for writing, creating, sorting and doing the more mundane but necessary tasks in daily life. A few tips on selection 1. Seek out music that’s unobtrusive and doesn’t command all of your attention. It should overall beContinue reading “How to find the right music for coding, writing or any other absorbing activity”