Winning Life’s Trifecta

January 1st: An Auspicious Day...For a Hang Over

It’s 2015 baby! Is it time to dust away the cobwebs and start on that new regimen of lifestyle changes? Is it? I don’t put much stock in new year’s resolutions. Any day is a good day to begin the rest of your life. Without getting all Dr. Phil on your ass, here are some ideas for rejigging and rebooting your life.

January 1st: An Auspicious Day…For a Hang Over

Taking control of your life can seem intimidating. However, take comfort in the fact that everybody feels frumpy, grumpy and not terribly together at some point in their lives. There is no magic bullet solution for everything at once, but if you make changes on a sustained basis, you will see results.

January 1st: An Auspicious Day...For a Hang Over

1. Revamp Your Diet

Make a solemn promise to cut back on carbs, fat, sugar and salt. This may seem easier said than done. Although the results are self-evident: you will feel great, lose weight and be healthier. Steer clear of temptation zones like bakeries, chippies and McDonald’s. Do whatever you need to do, watch documentaries about the fattest people in the world – just keep away from bad foods. Instead opt for healthy and yet tasty sandwiches, salads packed full of colour and flavour. To ward off sugar cravings, eat sweet fruits like pineapple, melon, peaches and grapes. Your skin, body and mind-set will thank you for it.

January 1st: An Auspicious Day...For a Hang Over

2. Start a Fitness Kick

  • Baby steps. You won’t be swimming between continents or participating in ultra marathons just yet. Start small with your workout and build up cardio resistance, strength and fitness in a slow yet manageable way.
  • Get into a routine and don’t break it, pretty soon it will become normal part of your day and you will actually miss it when you neglect it.
  • Ditch the car and ride a bike or walk to work (where possible).
  • Don’t put yourself through the torture of exercise that you don’t enjoy. Instead do things that you enjoy. If you enjoy dancing, join a samba or swing dance class.

January 1st: An Auspicious Day...For a Hang Over

3. Do What You Love

Our lives seem to zip past at the speed of sound. You shouldn’t leave the planet with any regrets. Learn a new skill in 2015, change your career or drop everything and travel. It’s change that makes you see the world with new eyes and with revitalised energy.

January 1st: An Auspicious Day...For a Hang Over

Soul work, physical improvement, feeding yourself well. All of these three factors feed into one another and strengthen you on the inside and outside. Good luck and I hope that 2015 brings you everything that you desire!


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3 thoughts on “Winning Life’s Trifecta

  1. I’ve already started items 1 and 2 since last November with more success than I thought. Now for #3…that’s the hard one since with work and everything that “needs” to be done there never seems to be enough time. That’s the trick, isn’t it? To find/make the time to do the things you love.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!!

    Best Regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know yeah, it’s all about time to fit these things in. Nourishing yourself is a great way of showing yourself love and this pays you back with energy to give to others. I try and do this too, but by no means is it ever perfectly in sync. I guess it’s about attempting to get there and then temptations like little cakes or a bottle of red wine are there to balance it out again LOL 🙂
      Hope you and your family have an amazing new year too.


  2. agreed…. it’s zipping past!
    it’s already february!

    i’ve started… i had to… out with the dairy and in with the hemp milk, groan !
    turns out that rice milk with coconut is fab, now i am looking forward to my organic porridge mornings…. get me! i can’t believe it!

    next… the fitness… gimme a minute!

    what i love… doing it already! right here, right now 😉

    great post thank you 🙂


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