A piano reverberates over collapsing glaciers

Earlier this year, renowned Italian composer Ludovico Eindaudi performed his ‘Elegy for the Arctic’ on a small floating platform in Wahlenbergbreen glacier in Svalbard, Norway. Around him glaciers crumbled and collapsed into the pearlescent water and the pristine quiet was pierced with the deafening sound of a fragile environment on the verge of implosion. HisContinue reading “A piano reverberates over collapsing glaciers”

The Earth Only Lives Once: Climate Change Protests Happening Right Now

Street protests demanding urgent action on climate change have galvanised hundreds of thousands of people all over the world into action in 2,000 locations worldwide.In NYC, the People’s Climate Change March took place on the streets ahead of the UN climate change summit in New York.  Image Source Image Source   In Manhattan, organisers that aroundContinue reading “The Earth Only Lives Once: Climate Change Protests Happening Right Now”