10 uplifting things I found on the internet this week #3

10 uplifting things I found on the internet this week #3

1. Nick Cave: Stranger in a Strange Land 1987 Documentary

In which a Dutch TV station follows Nick around Berlin in 1987 as he reminisces about his rebellious teenage years in Melbourne, the decadent decline of the Berlin club scene and banters with Mark E Smith from The Fall.

2. These beautiful animal eyes

3. Desiderata: A life changing poem for hard times by Max Ehrmann

4. These beautiful ceramics by Elena Trifinova

@Ivanik_oksana is a fabulous Twitter account to follow if you like to find out about quirky and beautiful art made by artisans

5. My place by Florence Welch

In which Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine sashays around and looks beautiful, talking in soft tones about her comfy, cozy abode filled with artful inspiration.

6. Poppyshell’s poetry renditions while walking on the Cornwall coast

7. Frankenstein starring Jonny Lee Miller as the creature by the National Theatre in London

Get the crisps, dip and drinks ready because this one is absolutely electrifying. The National Theatre in London have streamed Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein during the lockdown, starring Jonny Lee Miller as a the creature, and Benedict Cumberbatch as Frankenstein. This theatre show some of the best acting I have ever seen, anywhere ever – it is so intense! It has made me an instant fan of the National Theatre.

8. This folktronica/chillout mix by NUMA

Great for when you are concentrating hard on something and need some nice background music.

9. Tweets from the Pillowbook: Pandemic Version via Jonelle Patrick’s Only in Japan

10. The Psychology of Solitude by the Academy of Ideas

11. Bonus one: Gorgeous fantasy art by Nataša Ilinčić @NatasaIlincic

Have you found any lovely, interesting or uplifting things online this week that you would like to share? Please post the links below, would love to hear about them….

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8 thoughts on “10 uplifting things I found on the internet this week #3

  1. I’m so glad these are up your alley Kev let me know what you thought of them, all different from each other but pretty nice


    1. Nick Cave was clever, vulnerable, sharp and sometimes strikingly obnoxious. Reminded me of shots of Bowie touring America in a limo on his Young Americans era. Florence’s place is a treat, crafted by her alone. NUMA very relaxing to listen to. Thanks for the shoe-ins!


      1. No worries Kev I’m so glad you liked them, yeah Cave has that same energy as Bowie – mysterious, dangerous, intelligent, it’s a dynamite combo that makes people lose their minds! I see what you mean about Young Americans era Bowie…is that the Thin White Duke persona? I can definitely see the similarity. More stuff to come Kev, hope you like the next ones, it will be a weekly series. Take care xx


  2. The Florence Welch video was so relaxing. Her house is like an enchanting cottage out of a fairy tale. I’ve also been watching the National Theatre’s productions each week (although I missed Frankenstein!) and they’re always good. My fav so far has been Treasure Island! Thanks for all these suggestions.


    1. Yeah she is like a fairy with this soft floaty way about her, she is beautiful. I agree – so relaxing 😊 I’m so glad you are watching the National Theatre productions, they are amazing aren’t they, I haven’t seen treasure Island I will definitely check it out. I hope you are having a relaxing weekend ❤😊


    1. I’m so glad Diana more of these to come on here it will be a weekly series. The channel with the NUMA mix on it has loads more mixes like this on there. I love the cute animation to go with it on Youtube.. that also adds to the atmosphere. Take care xx


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