10 Uplifting things I found on the internet this week #5

10 Uplifting things I found on the internet this week #5

The Kindness Economy

Kindness isn’t weak but strong: a foundation from which to grow a business that has truth, integrity, longevity and commerciality. As we move away from a time of rabid consumerism and ‘peak stuff,’ we are entering a new type of economy. One built on kindness and a Triple Bottom Line: people, planet and profit – in that order.Mary Portas

This book turned into a kraken…

The beauty of being a misfit…

Advice on writing by legendary non-fiction writer W.G Sebald

  • Fiction should have a ghostlike presence in it somewhere, something omniscient. It makes it a different reality.
  • Writing is about discovering things hitherto unseen. Otherwise there’s no point to the process.
  • By all means be experimental, but let the reader be part of the experiment.
  •  sense of place distinguishes a piece of writing. It may be a distillation of different places. There must be a very good reason for not describing place.
  • Meteorology is not superfluous to the story. Don’t have an aversion to noticing the weather. Read more at Five Dials

This travel guide to Ancient Rome

Reconstruction of the classical city of Rome as a bird’s-eye view.
Ambrogio Brambilla, c. 1580s. 

Talented makers in Seto, Japan create beautiful art that is meditative and soothing…

A man plays Bach to a swaying elephant in the throes of ecstacy…

This stunning and cosy home in Poland

Blessed are the cracked…for they let in the light…

Japanese Capsule Toys Explain the Five Stages of Quarantine Hair Grief….

Depression: “Who cares? We’re probably never leaving our house again anyway”

From the always quirky, always amazing blog ‘Only in Japan’

Found anything inspiring that you want to share this week? Let me know…

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      1. Yeah me too, there are a whole series of them on Youtube, that elephant has become quite a celebrity!


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