10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #74

Hello dear friends and intergalactic time-travelling pirates, welcome to edition #74 of interesting things on the internet. Below learn about the carbon capturing capabilities of cetaceans, vedic cosmology, how a frog magically morphs into a man, spicy vegan drinks and more. Pull up a pew and stay a while. The carbon capture by whales isContinue reading “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #74”

Ancient word of the day: Adder

Snakes, serpents, vipers, adders – they all convey ancient power of life over death, of emerging in ones full power to take back what belongs to them, of transformation and return. A potent ancestral spirit and augur from the Land of the Dead. Adder The Adder Vipera berus is the only venomous snake in Britain.Continue reading “Ancient word of the day: Adder”

10 Cool Things I found on the Internet #23

Does your brain need to be plunged into icy-cold water? Consider this weeks picks to be a refreshing and brief dunk into a frozen arctic pool…when you know that a sauna will be waiting for you afterwards. Where the river begins A look at how linguistics, word origins and paleo-climatology are linked. “If you pauseContinue reading “10 Cool Things I found on the Internet #23”

10 Interesting things I Found on the Internet This Week #17

A Shelf-Portrait with Alanis Morissette Rock goddess, highly sensitive person and all-round legendary bookworm Alanis Morissette talks about the books that have shaped and improved her life. A lot of great non-fiction here about mindfulness, spirituality and personal growth. The mystical beauty of an Ancient Egyptian daughter of Osiris (1913) An anonymous autochrome photograph takenContinue reading “10 Interesting things I Found on the Internet This Week #17”