Ancient word of the day: Celandine

This pretty yellow star-like flower is from the buttercup family. It is common to see it flourishing at the beginning of spring in new grasses, hedges and in at the banks of rivers. It blankets forest floors. Commonly thought of as being a weed, it is still absolutely beautiful to behold.

Book Review: Mary Oliver, New and Selected Poems Vol. 1

Spiritually nourishing and grounded in the slow rumblings of nature and animals, Mary Oliver’s poems are a salve for the restless and jaded soul. Her poems are steeped in the luminescent beauty of nature and timeless wisdom of land and animals, yet she always has her bare feet planted deeply in the soil Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Genre: Poetry,Continue reading “Book Review: Mary Oliver, New and Selected Poems Vol. 1”

Ancient Word of the Day: Siamang

Endangered siamangs are the largest type of the gibbon family. They have distinctive black coats and communicate using a complex system of booming calls. They have gorgeous throat sacks that swell up as they sing together. Like other gibbons they form gregarious and close-knit family groups. They face a major existential threat from palm oilContinue reading “Ancient Word of the Day: Siamang”

Ancient Word of the Day: Sussurate

Sussurate: n: to whisper or murmur. The noise produced by a hive of bees, a rustling of leaves in the forest or the crackling of a fire It turns out that elemental experiences for ancient humans echo and whisper back over aeons and are universally received and recognised. No matter where we are on thisContinue reading “Ancient Word of the Day: Sussurate”

Comforting Thought: Kindness is a muscle we exercise

Kindness is not a fixed trait that we either have or lack, but more like a muscle that can be developed and strengthened. We exercise kindness in any moment where we recognise our shared humanity- with all of the hopes, dreams, joys, dissapointments, vulnerability and suffering that this implies. Such simple but profound awareness levelsContinue reading “Comforting Thought: Kindness is a muscle we exercise”

10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #98

Learn about how keystone species help to save ecosystems in a beautiful series of educational illustrations, see a knitted alien, a Frida Kahlo inspired wardrobe and the strangest bunch of male strippers in the world – it’s edition #98!

Book Review: The Book of Symbols by the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS)

The Book of Symbols is a masterpiece of art history, philosophy, mysticism, psychology, anthropology, biology and spirituality. It brings together the history of various symbols, concepts and objects from many cultures and civilisations.

Comforting Thought: Holding a Frog

“Holding a frog – if you are quiet and slower than slow, you do not have to ‘catch’ a frog at all – you can just slide your hand beneath one and lift it up without inciting any hint of fear or effort to escape.” Lyanda Lynn Haupt

Book Review: Real Love – The Art of Mindful Connection by Sharon Salzberg

One of the most erudite, spiritually nourishing and comprehensive books on the topic of love – of self, others and the world. Encompassing romantic and platonic love, familial love, friendship and more, by one of the world’s foremost experts on Loving Kindness Meditation. Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Genre: Non-Fiction, Spirituality, Psychology, Buddhism, Self-Help Publisher: Flatiron books Review in one word: HelpfulContinue reading “Book Review: Real Love – The Art of Mindful Connection by Sharon Salzberg”

Book Review: A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit

A Field Guide to Getting Lost is a collection of loosely related essays that expand upon the idea of wandering, being lost and our human sense of the unknown. The essays are insightful, vivid and at times slow-moving. This is a mosaic of cultural history, autobiography, nature writing and artistic criticism that roves far andContinue reading “Book Review: A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit”