Delightful and cosy book nook dioramas

Here are some inspiring book dioramas and book nooks that I found on Reddit. You can actually buy book nooks already made in ETSY, as premade kits. You can also have a go at building them from scratch. I have a deep admiration for people who attempt these kinds of projects, it involves a lotContinue reading “Delightful and cosy book nook dioramas”

Book Review: In Miniature: How Small Things Illuminate the World by Simon Garfield

Are you fascinated and delighted by small things? Then I’ve found the ultimate book for you. In Miniature: How Small Things Illuminate the World by Simon Garfield. Each chapter delves into a miniature world of its own and there is only a tenuous connection between them, but no matter. All is forgiven because learning allContinue reading “Book Review: In Miniature: How Small Things Illuminate the World by Simon Garfield”

Ancient word of the day: Tsundoku

The Japanese word, “Tsundoku”, which literally means “reading pile”, dates back all the way to the Meiji era (1868-1912). It’s a unique word for which there is no English equivalent. If you’re an avid reader though, you will well understand that feeling…it’s pure happiness, the feeling of knowing that you have many more books readyContinue reading “Ancient word of the day: Tsundoku”

The book blogger confessions tag

I saw this tag at the wonderful book blog by Diana Ideas on Papyrus.  I simply had to do this book tagging exercise, even though this apparently happened AGES ago. Still, it’s a very cool and fun idea. So here are some books that have imprinted themselves onto my soul. Please share the love and doContinue reading “The book blogger confessions tag”

The Most Exquisite Tiny Books in the World

For all of the bookworms, here are some of the most exquisitely rendered miniature books in the world. As a warm up, here’s a picture of the bombed-out Holland House library in London during WW2. The message was loud and clear. Readers won’t be perturbed from doing what they love, no matter what else isContinue reading “The Most Exquisite Tiny Books in the World”