10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #40

Yo-ho-ho and a mug of (forest-destroying) NesQuick. Come one, come all to another kooky edition of 10 interesting contraptions that can barely be defined as real. These things were collected on the rear hub-cap of my car as I drove from one side of the country to the other – I hope you like them!Continue reading “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #40”

10 Interesting Things I found on the Internet #33

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of coconut water, welcome to another dimension-coasting, mind-contorting journey into the weird and wonderful world of the internet. Featuring some guest stars and some of the same old cast you know and love. I hope you will join me… A bee-faced mushroom shaman from 9,000 years ago on a cave wallContinue reading “10 Interesting Things I found on the Internet #33”

The lost art and history documentaries of YouTube

Forget Netflix, YouTube has some incredible vintage documentaries about art and history. Made during the days of  analogue, these docos may seem pixellated and blurry by today’s standards. Yet if you persevere, you’ll be rewarded with terrific storytelling, great production values and enigmatic and fascinating subject matter. Here for you are some great documentaries about materialContinue reading “The lost art and history documentaries of YouTube”

Björk Deconstructs a Television in 1988

The impish and magical Björk talks about the analogue wonders of TV in 1988. In her typical bewitching and charming way she manages to lull me into strange sort of melodious half-sleep. What she is actually saying is quite profound, about us being the audience to a medium so absolute it orders us to leave behind ourContinue reading “Björk Deconstructs a Television in 1988”

The robot with the face only a roboticist could love

Telenoid is a genderless, limbless android that was birthed into the world by Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro a couple of years ago. He (or she) looks uncannily like a talking, moving Caspar the friendly ghost, but with a far more unnervingly human face. His truncated limbs wiggle and gesture as he sits on his custom-madeContinue reading “The robot with the face only a roboticist could love”