10 Cool Things I found On the Internet #25

Polar Bear rampages through Dundee

If you have had a bit of a downer week then this will bring your aura back up to bright again and hopefully make you laugh. Hope you enjoy it.

How cultures deal with haunted places and people who have shuffled off this mortal coil

A fascinating Zoom Workshop.

“If you see a Monarch Butterfly on Día de Muertos, keep quiet and listen, that butterfly has a message from a loved one who has passed on…”

Enya’s Orinoco Flow as a Bardcore Sea Shanty

Captions allow you to sing along…

Polar Bear rampages through Dundee

In November 1878, a polar bear brought back by Arctic whalers escaped into the streets of Dundee. After charging up Commercial St, it broke into a clothier’s shop on the High St (it’s now a gift shop). It was recaptured after it got distracted by a mirror. #OldWeirdScotland

The tailor and a customer were in the shop at the time and hid behind the counter. Amazingly no-one (including the bear) was injured, except for a dress mannequin in the shop window– it got badly mauled. Via Twitter

Polar Bear rampages through Dundee
Polar Bear rampages through Dundee

Thoughts on Papyrus reviews Böcklin’s creepy and beautiful paintings

Isle of the Dead (Third Version) [1883]
This is Böcklin’s best-known painting in which he depicted “the Isle of the Dead”, a mysterious island with dense vegetation inside (cypress trees) surrounded by the white “fortress” of white rock. A lone boat approaches the island head on with the mysterious veiled white figure standing in it. In the boat, one can also see another white object, probably a coffin. The dark waters and gloomy skies build a sombre atmosphere, and the funeral motifs are also emphasised by the cypress trees since these too have been traditionally associated with cemeteries and mourning.

Via Thoughts on Papyrus

Animals acting like humans

Miniature worlds

Translated from Japanese [“When dealing with miniatures, it’s common to hold your breath, suppress your heartbeat, hold your wrist with your other hand, and stop trembling.”] Via Twitter

Miniature worlds

F**K 2020! by Scooter: ‘Stuck on the wrong channel….like you’re chained to a dead camel!’

Prepare your brain for vans shooting out fire in Germany, along with the incredible lyrics like ‘I don’t give a penny…f**k 2020!’ and ‘Stuck on the wrong channel….like you’re chained to a dead camel’. Prepare to rave hard with grandpa Scooter!

Looking for love in ancient Brittany

In the forest of Brocéliande, the fountain of Barenton, long famous for its association with Merlin and Viviane, is one of the few sacred sources in Brittany not to have been successfully Christianised by the Church. Unmarried women visited the fountain to offer it a pin; if the waters of the spring bubbled, it was a sign that she would be married before Easter. If fate was favourable, those seeking marriage were said to see the image of their intended reflected in the waters if they visited the fountain alone, at midnight, on the night of a full moon. Read more on the great blog Bonjour from Brittany

Star Trek Acid Party

Words can’t really describe this…it’s like a 40 minute long meme. Psychotropic enhancements optional.

Music for Thai monkeys

Paul Barton the famous painter and pianist who composed music for an audience of elephants in the Thai jungle, now goes with his daughter Emilie to Bangkok to perform piano compositions for an audience of monkeys!

Haircuts for men : 壊滅悲しみ – A chilled out vapourwave mix

It will make you smile and feel laid back for sure…

Will Yeung’s vegan creamy mushroom pasta recipe

I hope you liked this week’s selections. If you have any selections you want to add or suggest, I would love to know. Feel free to leave your feedback below, cheers.

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4 thoughts on “10 Cool Things I found On the Internet #25

    1. I know Kev hahaha I have watched this a good dozen times just for the laughs. It is amazingly bad and funny the lyrics, the dramatic video clip. The polar bear story is very cute 😍 from the words you can imagine the big lumbering beast going crazy in the shop hehe. Glad you enjoyed it, hope you are having a good week 😊


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