10 Cool Things I Found on the Internet this week #26

The macabre story of The Sorceress by Jan van de Velde II (1626)

Sometimes you just need a happiness infusion straight into your veins, so here is a little shot of endorphins I hope you enjoy it…

A Day in the Life of my favourite artist family

The lovely and soulful Bartons in their cosy den of creativity

The macabre story of The Sorceress by Jan van de Velde II (1626)

The Sorceress by Jan van de Velde II (1626)

“This remarkable engraving of a sorceress mid-conjure is the work of Dutch Golden Age painter and engraver Jan van de Velde the younger. In Van de Velde’s energetic and artfully arranged scene we see a young sorceress at work above a fire and, cavorting in its windswept flames, a motley crew of various demonic “familiars”. Amid the talons, wings, and characterful faces, there are pipes-a-plenty, with two notably placed up a demon’s bum and streaming with powders in elegant arcs.” ~ Read more on The Public Domain Review

The Sorceress by Jan van de Velde II (1626)

This unhappy frog in an Australian forest

Like a squeaky dog toy from hell

A wholesome message from Townsends that ‘everything is going to be fine

Everyone take an exhale, all is going to be fine.

Eminjilli Dreaming by Felicity Cocuzzoli

“Eminjili is our earth mother, our ancestor. She is Diana Mudgee, a strong and proud Wiradjuri woman who is the matriarch of generations. Eminjili is depicted on country, clothed in the whisper of the night. Her sky dreaming represents the ancestors who have gone before her and remain her constant guides. Her earth dreaming signifies her people, those present and those yet to come. Two large circles visible on her clothing represent her heart for kin and country, and the life of her unborn child…

Eminjilli Dreaming, Original image: Oil and acrylic on canvas, 2018 by Felicity Cocuzzoli

“I am a proud descendent of the Wiradjuri nation who is deeply committed to engaging in and through art to build relationships and transform lives. I am drawn to images that resonate the diversity of our world and honour the richness of culture and tradition in my art work. Indigo Expressive Arts’ fine art prints are produced and developed in Newcastle NSW. The transformation of original art pieces into hand-crafted fine art prints involves working in close partnership with my printing partner, using high quality archival paper to create a product that will exceed all expectations.Offering archival quality output.” ~ Felicity Cocuzzoli via Indigo Expressive Arts

Broxh the Twitch carver from Rotorua

Broxh practices Toi whakairo (Māori carving) just like his tūpuna (ancestors) and suddenly became very famous on Twitch. Him and his baby are the cutest thing ever.

Board game pieces from the Viking town of Birka, #Sweden. (8th-10th century)

Board game pieces from the Viking town of Birka, #Sweden. (8th-10th century)
Via Twitter

Snow leopards creeping through a snowy wonderland by Sydney photographer Dalida Innes

A deep-dive into the etymological origins of magical words

Hip hop from the Middle Ages

Prepare thee and all thy homies to bounce in Sherwood Forest. Only the strongest of thee will be able to pull the sword from the stone.

Renaissance Art/Rapper Mashup

Colourful Australian phrases

9. Flat out like a lizard drinking (busy)

8. I didn’t come here to fuck spiders (I didn’t come here to muck around)

7. I’m so hungry I could eat the arse out of a low-flying duck (I’m hungry)

6. Fair suck of the sav (I can’t believe it!)

5. My mouth’s drier than a dead dingo’s donger (I’m thirsty)

4. Don’t come the raw prawn (don’t try to fool me)

3. A few kangaroos loose in the top paddock (crazy)

2. A face like a dropped pie (unattractive)

1. I’m not here to lick stamps (I’m not messing around)

Via Adam Sharp

Naumachiæ: Naval spectacles in Roman arenas

Ever heard of “naumachiæ”? They were great Roman reservoirs surrounded by seats, like water-filled amphitheatres, especially constructed by Romans for holding naval battle spectacles. This went on right through the Middle Ages.

Via Wikipedia

A dub techno mix by Giriu Dvasios of Cold Tear Records

I hope you enjoyed this week’s picks. Let me know what you think below…

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4 thoughts on “10 Cool Things I Found on the Internet this week #26

  1. Colourful Australian phrases reminded me of this, have you seen it?

    that’s Gaz Liddiard from The Drones/TFS, Laura Imbruglia who’s Natalie’s younger sister and the bartender is Paul Pirie from the band Batpiss.


    1. Fair suck of the sav mate….hehe that was bloody awesome. I haven’t seen this but it’s so funny and so true. I love when bar staff in Australia say ‘wrap your laughing gear around that’ it is such a good expression for trying a drink 😆 hehe thank you for sharing


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