10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #57

Dreamy art by Googie McCabe

Welcome to another intergalactic edition of cool and interesting things from the internet that I’ve channeled from another dimension straight into your mind. I hope you enjoy these my friends…

Full moon macabre hijinx

Full moon macabre hijinx
Full moon macabre hijinx

Via AP Strange on Twitter

Audrey Tatou’s intimate and candid photos of herself

I have always been fascinated by and sort of in love with Audrey Tatou and her mysterious, gentle, quirky film personas, especially in Amelie, one of my favourite films. She has been photographing herself for years. Found on the always enjoyable blog filled with endless treasures – Miscellaneous Details.

“I’m an actress, but I’m not only an actress. This part of me that has grown and grown and grown for all those years was more important for my balance than I’d thought. Now it’s this part of me I want to express and develop. So to me, it’s something very intimate, it’s not a hobby. It’s a way to become complete.”

audrey tatou

Mindfulness by Jon Kabat Zinn: Audiobook

I have a physical copy of this book and it is very insightful and soothing for when you have days when you want to and need to come back to yourself, be grounded in your breath and heartbeat.

The incredible still life paintings of Victor Muller

Personally, I love the still silence and the eerie otherworldliness of these paintings, looking at them is like staring into a dream of the unconscious.

Born in 1976 in Den Helder, The Netherlands, Victor Muller studied art at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam.

He creates a world he wants to live in, a place of silence, the eternity of the moment where escape from the hectic daily live is achieved. The notion of timeless is very important for him. He combines his landscapes with still lives on the foreground. The still life and the landscape together form a combination of a timeless atmosphere.

The light in his paintings is always muted and filtered, there is no black or whitest white. In the paintings the background is a still life as well as the foreground. Against the backdrop of a tight staged, Tuscan landscape he places a composition of utensils, which each look like coming from ancient times. The matured still life – literally a ‘natura morta’- strengthened the stillness of the ‘eternal’ landscape behind it, an atmosphere of timelessness.

Morren Galleries, NL

Via Francisco Ribiero on Twitter

A beautiful pup copies his master

when you don’t know what you’re doing but you’re happy to be involved
(jukin media)

Originally tweeted by Humor And Animals (@humorandanimals) on August 15, 2021.

Vegan moussaka recipe by Lucy at Vegan Family House

I have been so excited to try this one! Made with roasted eggplant, lentil ragu and vegan cheese!

£1 Fish

I wish I could go to the markets and have this guy serenade me, “Come on ladies, come on ladies – £1 Fish”, it’s literally better than most of the music of these days.

Dreamy art by Googie McCabe

This dreamy, celestial art by Googie McCabe captured my imagination and it soothes my soul.

It was as sitting in my head…it’s the third attempt to get it out

Googie McCabe
Dreamy art by Googie McCabe
Dreamy art by Googie McCabe

Twisting autumnal plants on artful sourdough breads by Hannah Page

Hannah Page is a baker and artisan who has been making these aesthetically pleasing breads for the past six years in North Carolina. She always uses sourdough and then adds vegetables and taro powder to add gorgeous autumnal, foresty colours.

Via Women Art on Twitter and Insider

Elasmotherium was an amazing Siberian unicorn that went extinct circsa 39,000 years ago

Elasmotherium which was also known as the Giant Rhinoceros or the Giant Siberian Unicorn lived in the Eurasian area in the Late Pliocene and Pleistocene eras. 2.6ml to 29,000 years ago.

The size of a wooly mammoth they had a large horn on their forehead and commanded a strong presence on the tundra, weighing an impressive 4 tonnes, 4.5 metres long and 2 metres high. What an armoured tank!

Via Historical Artefacts on Twitter

An infusion and decoction to treat brittle hair By Come Home Witch

I treat my hair regularly and love DIY and homemade concotions of cupboard ingredients, as at least I know exactly what I’m using on my body. Here’s a great decoction (I love this word!) to help if you have dry brittle, colour-treated hair from witchy and wise blogger Come Home Witch.

An infusion and decoction to treat brittle hair By Come Home Witch

For brittle hair:


Why does my heart feel so bad? by Moby

This is an orchestral and acoustic, animated version of possibly one of the most powerful and moving of Moby’s songs, ‘Why does my heart feel so bad?’

This time, the song is animated show the devastation wrought on the natural world by humans, in this present extinction event that we are currently living through. Prepare to cry here but if this turns you into an activist – you’re welcome! And if you want to know what you can do to help – start here – you’re welcome!

The horn of the last living Auroch, given as a gift to King Sigismund III of Poland

Keeping on the horn theme here…but why did (and still do) humans feel the need to hunt animals, it’s just disgusting, cruel and unnecessary.

The horn of the last living Auroch, given as a gift to King Sigismund III of Poland

How to easily identify gibbons by Noah RNS Shepherd

How to easily identify gibbons by Noah RNS Shepherd
How to easily identify gibbons by Noah RNS Shepherd

I hope you enjoyed this foray into a more peaceful and serene parallel universe. Let me know what you think of these tidbits below….

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