Seven soothing and hypnotic Slow TV experiences

The Strangely Hypnotic World of Norwegian Slow TV

Something about the slow and hypnotic journeys on train and boat make for cosy viewing. The same can be said for watching animals graze, relaxed and unaware of you peering at them. And also nature visuals and sounds. Here are some great slow TV/streaming video experiences that I really enjoy and have bookmarked to watch again and again on Youtube.

On the train from Trondheim to Bodo in Norway

A 12 hour boat ride in Norway

This reached a record 1.3 million viewers in Norway when it aired. Many thousands of people turned up in person along the boat’s course, waving Norwegian flags.

Baby hummingbird’s nest

African elephant lookout cam

A vibrant live canal in Ponte delle Guglie Venice

This is also great armchair travel while we can’t go anywhere.

Joe Pera talks you to sleep

I have spoken about Joe Pera before on this blog although god only knows where or when. He is endlessly fascinating and has a mystical and soothing speaking voice where he talks about nothing.

Gentle Night Rain

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