10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #44

Victor Nizovtsev's sublime fantasy art

Roll-up, roll-up to the bizarre three-ringed circus of 10 Interesting Things, where acrobats breathe fire and things go bump in the night. I hope you enjoy this carnival of weekly delights….

Fairytale images from Yakutia, Siberia by Alexeï Vassiliev

I love the ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ vibes of these places and the combination of myth, fantasy and the harsh extremes of the Siberian landscape. Via Nina Byzantina on Twitter

Cosy firetower on a stormy night aural ambience

This is a great background soundtrack to soothe you this weekend.

Brittany’s Beastly Folk Remedies

Stopping a cow from farting was a tricky business in medieval Brittany…

Brittany’s Beastly Folk Remedies
Brittany’s Beastly Folk Remedies

A most curious ritual was recommended in the fight against excessive flatulence where it was necessary to walk around the animal three times while holding a blessed candle with which one made the sign of the cross; reciting during each circuit the following charm: “Leave the head where you are tied and go to the land of Arabia where there is neither bread nor wine.” It was necessary to perform this ritual twice so as to have circled the beast six times.

Via Bonjour from Brittany

How different piano notes reverberate through a bowl of water

Did you know that different sounds reverberate differently through water, causing fractals of exquisite shapes? I had no idea!

via Reddit

A Countdown of Famous Biscuit Bands

Adam Sharpe is a very talented guy to come up with this verbose and witty comedy gold all of the time! He’s a one-man-literary-meme-making-machine! If you aren’t following him yet, you should see what he’s up to on Twitter.

10. Fleetwood Macaroons

9. Florentine and the Machine

8. Bourbon Jovi

Lionel Rich Tea : memes

7. Hob Nob Dylan

6. PJ & Dunkem

5. Gari(baldi) Barlow

4. Jaffas on Airplane

3. Penguin Stefani

2. Oreo Speedwagon

1. Lionel Rich Tea

By the genius and inimitable Adam Sharpe

The Epic of Gilgamesh sung in ancient Sumerian

One of the oldest songs in the world, sung as it would have been thousands of years ago…

A Child Born Out of the Fog · Anaïs Nin

I love the cadence of her voice and the soft unrecognisable accent she has, which is a total mash-up. She has a gentle and magnetic way about her when she tells stories.

Lush – Out of Control

Lush are a really amazing band from the 90’s that aren’t talked about often, but they are criminally underrated. I love the sweeping, epic guitars and swirling floaty vocals here in a song of theirs from 2016. The video clip with the murmurations of starlings at sunset, it’s very dreamy!

Cognitive biases are the irrational mind traps that we all sometimes fall into

Here’s a really amazing poster about these biases that can easily and unconsciously creep into your life and how to recognise them and also counteract their effects. (Click on image to go to full sized poster).

Via Reddit

Victor Nizovtsev’s sublime fantasy art

Victor Nizovtsev was born in Siberia near lake Baikal in 1965 and studied at various art schools in Russia culminating in studying at the prestigious Vera Muhina University of Industrial Arts in St Petersburg. In 1997 he moved to the US and now lives in Maryland with his wife and children where he continues to paint and sell his art, with numerous solo and group exhibitions. Via Mariana Gomez on Twitter

Info via the Art Live and Beauty blog

Pygmy Marmosets eating grapes

I love how their little faces show so many micro-expressions in a few seconds! Curiosity, joyful abandon at eating the grapes. They are the smallest monkey species and only weigh as much as a stick of butter and yet they pack loads of personality into this wee package! Via Interesting as Fuck on Reddit.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s finds, please let me know what you think below…

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14 thoughts on “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #44

    1. Thanks so much my friend, I am so glad you enjoyed these picks, and thank you for your always interesting blog full of treasures to explore too. Yes the mermaid paintings are really stunning. I hope to buy a print of one of them for my loungeroom. Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much my friend I am so glad these selections hit the spot for you and you find them interesting! The feeling is mutual I love your blog, especially the question type posts about music favs and so on. Hope you’re doing well 🙂

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      1. Oh wow. I had no idea you subscribed. Thanks so much. How embarrassing. I’d give more credit when it’s due ~ esp for the art! I’m pretty bad about my sources. 😛 Hope you are well too! xo

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