10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #58

Kaii Higashiyama

Enjoy a cold and refreshing glass of oblivion with this week’s selections…

The sea is a peace treaty between the stars and poetry.

Alain Bosquet

Cat is driving home after a long day at work

There is something Hitchcock-esque about this driving cat, I think this was a scene from The Birds or Psycho, the cat has the same look of tense concentration. Via Deep Thot on Twitter.

Lo-fi hip-hop cosy mix

I like these mixes with softly lit anime background videos which add to the cosy ambient vibe.

Hasui Kawase’s serene glimpses into Japanese history

Hasui Kawase was born in Tokyo in 1883 and is regarded as one of the foremost landscape artists of the 20th Century. The son of a silk braid merchant, he studied Japanese-style painting with Kiyokata. His prints are based on small sketches and watercolours that he took from nature. Many of his woodblocks and sketches were destroyed in the 1923 earthquake and the rare few that remain are considered to be priceless in value now.

Via Deep Thot on Twitter

The wonderful flight to the mushroom planet

Is this a prepatory novel for children who then grow into adults that enjoy mushrooms?

Via Twitter

The wonderful flight to the mushroom planet
The wonderful flight to the mushroom planet


F.I.F.O. means Fly In and Fly Out – right? That’s what I thought because this is the kind of work my dad was doing for a while. According to Brennan Hart’s hardcore anthem, F.I.F.O. means: Fit In or Fuck Off. I don’t know why, but I find this song, the lyrics and the people in it really funny, let me know what you think of this masterpiece that exists somewhere on the verge of cringe and brilliance.

The philosophy of Marilyn Monroe

“We should all start living before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.”

~Marilyn Monroe

Via Francisco Ribeiro on Twitter

Smells Like Teen Spirit, Bardcore cover in Latin

Remember when Kurtus Cobainius drove in on his chariot in front of the crowd at the Gladiatorial battle?

Reindeer cyclones are a beautiful natural phenomenon

A swirling shivering mass of reindeers swirl around in the snow making it much more difficult to target individuals and to protect the smaller vulnerable fawns in the centre of the vortex. I can notice there are more stags on the outside protecting the females and children within. This herd is on Russia’s Kola Peninsula, in the Arctic Circle

The video was originally posted on the Facebook page of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography Peter the Great, aka Kunstkámera, located in Saint Petersburg, Russia by photographer Lev Fedoseyev. Via Twitter

George the mouse in a logpile house

Wildlife photographer and animal lover Simon Dell created a backyard village for a family of mice living there using old pieces of wood and flotsam and jetsam. The mice love it. The audio is a bit crappy on this video, but just turn it down.

Activism is not all Negative by Cheche Winnie

Activism is not all negative, and not all activists do wrong stuff. 

Most activists are geared towards activities that are destined to help the community at large. They use their voice, platforms, and resources to fight for what is right, and the oppressed. 

They are forced by circumstances and people’s ignorance to go to extremes. Which end up making them associated with negativity. 

How frequently do you bump into an activist advocating for something that hurt us? Are their interest selfish?

We should all stand against the injustices and killings of people who are helping to bring our planet back to its senses. 

Conclusion – No one is safe

If we continue to be silent as our planet continues to get destroyed, we will end up having nothing. Our wildlife will get extinct and we will suffer our silence. Our forests will completely disappear, and we will roast. Our oceans will have plastics and no more marine life. Sustainable development goals will be history. And our window to make things better will have closed. 

Speak up and push for their justice. Let’s not allow their deaths to be in vain, it’s our responsibility to take up from where they left. And show them that we need to breathe.

Read more inspiring and moving stories from the forefront of environmental activism, by Kenyan conservationist activist Winnie Cheche.

A beautiful painting of a chimpanzee in the jungle in Uganda by Szabolcs Kókay
A beautiful painting of a chimpanzee in the jungle in Uganda by Szabolcs Kókay

Greek kitchen god Akis Petretzikis’ vegan and vegetarian recipes

Top knot aside, I enjoy looking at him and he cooks mouthwatering food…so what’s not to enjoy here…

Postcards from Berlin on the BeKitchig blog

Some armchair travelling to see street art, from the always amusing and kitschy blogger BeKitchig.

Kaii Higashiyama

Kaii Higashiyama was born at Yokohama in 1908, he was one of the most popular artists in post-war Japan and is known for his Nihonga style paintings, he died in 1999. I love the deep green serenity of stillness of these paintings and otherworldly feeling of peace about them.

Via Francisco Ribeiro on Twitter and Wikiwand.

What do you think of this week’s picks, I hope these tickled your funny bone, let me know what you think below…

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