10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #51

The interplanetary movements of celestial bodies is really having an effect on my aura this week, and so I made these notations below to calm myself down, the trembling stopped but suddenly my skin has turned bright green and scaly, might have to check in with you later….

The movement of the sun on the horizon throughout the year is pure poetry

This movement makes an elliptical shape in the sky throughout the seasons. It might generate some confusion for flat-earthers! Via Reddit

The movement of the sun on the horizon throughout the year is pure poetry
The movement of the sun on the horizon throughout the year is pure poetry

Fly away rainbow beauties!

A group of critically endangered macaws are released from captivity into the wild. Fly away far and free beauties and may you find some safe rainforest shelter, food and plenty of opportunities to mate and propagate your species!

Ken Davis – Crystal Clear (full album)

Ken Davis is an Australian composer of relaxation and new age music from the golden era of that genre – the 1980’s. This music puts me into a mode of serene contemplation and contentment. I hope you enjoy it.

The alien world of carnivorous plants and their reptile victims

Two young salamanders find themselves trapped together in the viscous and acidic digestive juices of the Northern Pitcher Plant, a carnivorous plant found in the USA. Around 20% of pitcher plants will keep the skeletal remains of their prey inside of them like this. Via Reddit.

The alien world of carnivorous plants and their reptile victims
The alien world of carnivorous plants and their reptile victims

Living Single Matters by Call me Choko

If you were a 90’s kid you would instantly recognise this infectiously joyful theme song from the 90’s sitcom Family Matters. Vlogger and amazing dancer Call Me Choko does a pandemic remix of this intro theme called ‘Living Single Matters’, and he nails the goofiness and extreme cheesiness of these 90’s sitcoms with a dark comedy edge.

Inakadate’s amazing rice art

In Inakadate, a quiet town in the Aomori prefecture, the locals hatched a plan in 1993 to bring more visitors to the area. So began Inakadate’s growing fame for incredibly intricate rice paddy murals. Rice has been a staple crop in the region for nearly 2000 years and so locals honour this. Every year they use four different types of heirloom and modern rice varieties to create gigantic murals in the fields. A 22 metre tower is used to allow visitors to see the whole picture. Each year the town attracts 100,000’s of visitors. Via Wikipedia

Peanut coleslaw by Will Yeung

Sako is an epic dog and he deserves his awards and accolades

Sako, a heroic dog from Kananka Bar, BC, was inducted today into the 2015 Purina Animal Hall of Fame. (CNW Group/Purina Animal Hall of Fame)

Sako is a 4 year old king shepherd. When his 16 year old owner Joe drove his car over a ravine in British Columbia, the dog and Joe stayed down there for two days before they were discovered by a family member and brought back to safety. Joe had a lot of injuries, a broken femur and right collarbone. During the two days at the bottom of the cliff, Sako fought off cougars, bears and coyotes who had come to prey on the injured boy. After this, Sako was recognised by being inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame and became the stuff of family legend over generations. Via CBC

How I Learned To Love My Body Without Falling For Media Hypes by Jessica Maria Baumgartner

There’s a perfect figure for each woman, but it varies. I will never have the Marilyn Monroe shape, or anyone else’s. My body is my own and it has its own needs, just as every other woman’s does. 
Unrealistic expectations from both ends of the scale are bad for women’s health. Obesity and skeleton bodies are dangerous and unsustainable. It’s time we accept that every woman has their own perfect figure and encourage healthy habits which allow us to better understand our unique biology.  

Jessica Maria Baumgartner

I couldn’t agree more with this. We women learn to hate ourselves from popular culture, advertising and sometimes even our own mothers. It can be hard to feel OK with the body we are born with. I could relate to Jessica’s insights and I love the way she has carved out a much more healthy body image behaviours for her own daughters, even if she didn’t have the best example from her own mum.

Check out more profound, philosophical, amusing and fun posts about spirituality, family life and everything else in between on Jessica’s always amazing blog.

Fishing for Escher by James Fletcher Design

This is a detailed and dimension-twisting fantasy world, I get ancient map vibes as well, it’s incredible! From his website:

The artistic works of James Fletcher are spawned from an imagination of highly detailed, surreal, dark, pseudo-psychedelic alternate realities, often with an aquatic theme, and populated by fantastical scenes and creatures.

James, 42, was born and grew up in and around the seaside town of Plymouth. He is a self-taught graphic illustrator and father of two. He is a featured artist on Acidmath.net, a humanities and spirituality community based in Canada, selling psychedelic artwork on furniture and apparel. Having drawn from a young age, James’ career in design began in 2005, after graduating with honours in Photomedia and Design Communication from University of Plymouth

Growing up reading the work of science fiction and fantasy novelists and artists – John Martin, Evyind Earle, Kevin Walker, Chris Wynne Nevinson, H.P Lovecraft, J.R.R Tolkien and Christos Achillios – and inspired by the imagery of surrealist, illusory, and dark fantasy artists such as M.C Escher, Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dali, and HR Giger; James’ artwork features flowing, organic, reality-warping scenes with a comic-esque fine art quality, packed with details for the eye to find.

Via Reddit and James Fletcher’s website.

Nick Waterhouse – Very Blue

I really like the 50’s vibe of this video clip and the song itself. I didn’t know who Nick Waterhouse was until I found him on Youtube, but he now has fully attracted my attention. He has a romantic and old-fashioned Roy Orbison vibe.

Hope you enjoyed these tidbits. If you find yourself transforming into a sea creature from the pleistocene after consuming, I hold no legal liability

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