10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #62

wanted to haunt somebody else's dreams?

Welcome to edition number 62 of unleashed oddities from the far reaches of the internet. I hope you enjoy these, let me know your thoughts on them below….

A baby and a cat encounter some window cleaners, smiles and curiosity ensues

Learning to live with a haemophilia

Perhaps she lived happily ever after? This is creepy as hell and I want to know more about the story of this vintage drawing, so I did an image search and found that it was an illustration on the front cover of an obscure vintage science fiction magazine called Infinity…how amazing! Via EV on Twitter and Haute Forte

A 1761 news story recounting the beaching of a mermaid in southern Brittany

From the always compelling storyteller Bon Repos Gites: Bonjour from Brittany.

“As soon as it saw her, it stood straight and leaned on both hands. She called her companion, who being armed with a dart, pushed it into the heart of the beast, which made a moan similar to that of a person. Both girls cut off its hands, which had well-formed fingers and nails with fins between the fingers. The island’s doctor was called and he reported that this sea monster was the size of the biggest man we can imagine; that its skin was white, of a colour like the flesh of a drowned man; it had a very well formed female breast, a flattened nose, a large mouth whose chin was adorned with a species of beard formed of delicate scales and that it had similar scattered clumps all over. Its tail was that of a fish and at the end there were a kind of feet.”

Mermaids of Brittany by Bon Repos Gites

Adversity by Robert Greene

Life is difficult, its competitive, we die, there’s a lot of pain and trauma dealing with other people – that is reality. When you face reality on a daily basis it forces you to develop strength, resolve.

robert green

This stunning ad idea for Poen eyedrops

Whoever had this idea of inserting images of memories and past traumas into the red veins of the eyes – this is genius, simple, powerful and amazing! Via Adeeve and by Advertising Agency: DDB in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Always in my Heart by Bent

A classic chill-out and cruisy house track from the early 00’s, this really floats my boat and brings back nice memories for me, I hope you like it.

A guide for avoiding negative and toxic thoughts

Doughy Croissant Dragons

Too cute to eat! Shhhhh….some are awake, some are sleeping. Source: Unknown, found on Twitter.

The Ocular Audio Experiment – The Witch’s Whispering Tomes (Part 1)

A trippy psychadelic album that will put you into a trance-like state. The cover here actually matches the sound of the music, which was a pleasant discovery.

Ever wanted to haunt somebody else’s dreams?

There is something seriously creepy, eerie and wrong about the colour palette of this art, the floating ghostly figures also lend this art a psychological horror vibe. Although I searched long and hard for it….I couldn’t find who the original artist is who created this, which lends even more of a mysterious vibe of it!

Found via Twitter, artist unknown.

A 32,0000 year old plant is resurrected from extinction

Silene stenophylla is the oldest plant ever to be resurrected from its ancient grave and grown from 32,000 year old seeds. This plant was regenerated from tissue of fossil fruits by a team of Hungarian, American and Russian scientists.

Via Earthly Mission

The magnificent eye of a blue whale

This is the eye of a blue whale. Let’s protect them from stupid humans throughout the world who would harm these majestic, intelligent beings!

Originally tweeted by Content Catnip – Quirky Internet Wunderkammer (@contentcatnip) on September 20, 2021.

Amazing chili oil dumplings by Will Yeung

I hope you enjoyed looking deeply into the consciousness of a blue whale, will salivate over the dumplings and doughy dragons and I hope you liked the music. Take care of yourselves and say hi if you want down below.

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    1. Oh yes that colour is stunning isn’t it…there’s a natural eerie quality to it! Me too I love these cute dragons, they are too cute to eat. Thanks so much for your comment glad you enjoyed this 🤗 hope you are going well xx stay safe

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