10 Cool Things I Found on the Internet This Week #22

I hope these things cheer you up or make you smile. They certainly made my day better when I found them.

Bulgaria’s Kooky Kukeri Festival

Each year, people across Bulgaria gather in Blagoevgrad to partake in the annual Kukeri Festival. Draped in elaborate costumes made from long goat hair, participants dance away the evil through a procession involving the ringing of bells. Dancers wear carved wooden masks that depict the faces of beasts and jump in a centuries-old ritual intended to drive away evil spirits. Desislava Ilieva started attending festivals as a child and now continues to uphold her family’s tradition by wearing costumes handmade by her father.

Bulgaria's Kooky Kukeri Festival
Bulgaria’s Kukeri pagan festival. Photo from Reddit

The Pudu – the world’s smallest deer

They weigh about 11 kilos and are found in Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina. Read more

Yutaka Hirose ‎- Soundscape 2: Nova (1986) FULL ALBUM

A beautiful slice of an Amethyst stalactite known as a ”flower” from Uruguay!

A beautiful slice of an Amethyst stalactite known as a ''flower'' from Uruguay!
Found on Reddit

An electrifying sky in Tokyo before a typhoon

Imagine seeing this as you exit out of the Tokyo subway…

The electrifying sky in Tokyo before a typhoon

A guided meditation to try while eating a piece of fruit

Courtesy of the always amazing Plum Village

Jeremy Soule’s majestic and calming ambient music for reflecting on the harvest

A CT Scan reveals that an ancient mummified monk is forever at rest inside of a buddha statue

A CT Scan reveals an ancient mummified monk forever inside of a buddha statue
Read more on History.com

These dogs being pulled along in some tyres in the snow

If this exists in the world. Everything is going to be OK.

Beautiful Delft tiles featuring the names of animals in Norfolk dialect by Paul Bommer

Via Twitter

Toshi Yoshida ( Japanese, 1911 – 1995 ) – Autumn In Hakone (1954)

Via Twitter

What do you think of this week’s offerings? I hope you enjoyed them.

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8 thoughts on “10 Cool Things I Found on the Internet This Week #22

    1. Yeah I thought that too, it is in a way kind of creepy hehe. First thing I thought was…what if he got trapped inside when he was still alive! 😲 I am glad you enjoyed this post Jeremy and hope you’re having a good weekend so far 😊


    1. Yeah stunning isn’t it…I love these autumn colours. The way the trees look in Japan and all of these colors are magical. I tried to capture this energy a bit in my video I took last year in Kyoto of a temple and park there. The main thing that I remember vividly is the hushed peacefulness of the gardens – everything moves slowly, it puts you into a trance there and you don’t want to ever leave https://youtu.be/Ic-hTas7iQ4


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