10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #59

Dinosaurier auf der Autobahn, 1980 by Giuseppe Reichmuth

I hope you enjoy this magic carpet ride into the apricot sunset of your impossible dreams…

A mysterious and erudite scribe named Thoth

Thoth is the ancient Egyptian god of the moon. He also represented reckoning, learning and writing. He was held to be the inventor of writing, the creator of languages, the scribe and adviser of the gods. Via Twitter

A mysterious and erudite scribe named Thoth
A mysterious and erudite scribe named Thoth

Lawyer masquerades as a cat in ‘Zoom’ court hearing

Dining at the Swagman Hotel in Ferntree Gully in the 80’s

A bit of 80’s Australian nostalgia in the form of a lost postcard. These ‘all you can eat’ family restaurants were really big in the 80’s and myself and my siblings always went a bit overboard in these kinds of places. At the time, I never noticed the overly chirpy, kitsch, hairsprayed, faux-historical themed extravaganza that went along with it, but here it is, resurfaced in 2021 for you all to enjoy!…

Via Oz Kitsch on Twitter

Dining at the Swagman Hotel in Ferntree Gully in the 80's
Dining at the Swagman Hotel in Ferntree Gully in the 80’s

Ancient animals trapped in amber

Fossilised but not forgotten!

The Chimerarachne yingi was a species of arachnid that crawled through rainforests in what is now known as Southeast Asia, more than 100 million years ago during the Cretaceous period.

A gecko trapped in Baltic amber over 54 million years old. This was discovered in northwestern Russia in excellent condition with scales and all facial details still visible! Via Historical Artefacts on Twitter

Colours of the Moon by Marcella Guilia Pace

Looking like pebbles from the beach or a beautiful mandala – these spiralling full moons were created by the talented photographer Marcella Guilia Pace. I love how every kind of full moon and atmospheric conditions have been captured here and imbue the photo with a deep awe and wonder.

“I have collected all my Full Moon shots that I have taken over the past 10 years. Of these shots I have selected all the shades of color that the Moon has taken in front of my lens and my eyes.

Marcella Guilia Pace

Via Fine Art America

Tofu three ways in a relaxing ASMR recipe channel 베지이즈 Vege is

I love this Korean vegan channel on Youtube 베지이즈 Vege is and it’s easy to understand as there’s captions in English. There’s no talking either which gives this a meditative feeling.

Great audio and visuals including all of the crackling and bubbling sounds of food being prepared and cooked feel homely and comforting.

Awesome acid techno set

Good as a work background music to keep you focused!

Dinosaurier auf der Autobahn, 1980 by Giuseppe Reichmuth

Giuseppe Reichmuth was born in 1944 in Zürich, he does not belong to any art movement and instead the only fixed attribute to his art is a sense of humour and a sense of fun. As you can see here with his posters about Dinosaurs on the motorway. In the 80’s, this series of artworks was popular all over the world and could be seen on Tshirts, books and posters, especially in the USA.

Via Deep Thot on Twitter

That time that Tupac jammed with a Polish singer in the 90’s

No…not really, that was just a click-bait sorry. A clever video editor has managed to blend together the song Jestem Kobieta (I’m a woman) by Edyta Gorniak with Tupac’s classic ‘How Do You Want It?’ into a seamless blend of 90’s hiphop. The video looks like they’re singing together and is brimming with 90’s nostalgia.

Learning Languages as a form of meditation by Dyami Millarson, Operation X

Learning languages calms the mind. One has to empty one’s mind and immerse oneself completely in the work of learning any language. Language-learning is my favourite way of distracting myself. It helped me through the most difficult times of my life and it has helped me to find inner peace. Meditation is characterised by (a) emptying, (b) calming and (c) training the mind. Language-learning helps me achieve all three of these. My tireless attempts at successful language-learning have, over the course of many years, helped me overcome many learning problems, including attention problems and dyslexia. Language-learning has significantly improved my reading, spelling, logical reasoning, hearing, speaking, etc. Indeed, it has trained my eye for detail, I notice far more things than I used to, my mind is sharper than it ever was.

Comforting Thought: Polish is a secret language
Comforting Thought: Polish is a secret language

Operation X has a very interesting blog about languages, linguistics and all of the ways language learning enriches your life, read more by Dyami Millarson.

A cat on a cosy rooftop in Istanbul

Istanbul has always been a place I have wanted to go. The beautiful water and landscapes, the culture, Turkish food, carpets, ceramics, Turkish tea, cathedrals, a layer cake of history…and of course…cats! If you have seen the documentary Kedi, you will know what I mean!

 cat on a cosy rooftop in Istanbul
A cat on a cosy rooftop in Istanbul

Via World Mix on Twitter

Here’s a trailer for the documentary Kedi, all about the plucky and cheeky cats of Istanbul!

A Master of Clay Sculpture / 造形作家 吉島信広 / Ceramic Artist & Molder Nobuhiro Yoshijima

Talented ceramtic artist Nobuhiro Yoshijima creates a masterpiece in her studio – this is very relaxing to watch.

Hug your loved ones close to you like these siamangs

Siamangs are the most beautiful and devoted animals and they form strong and close family groups and hug close together. When they get excited they jump around and whoop using their large throat sacks. They live in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand and have no known protections. They are threatened by palm oil and the illegal pet trade. Seeing them like this in their innocent love breaks my heart into pieces. Join the #Boycott4Wildlife to protect them!

Originally tweeted by Palm Oil Detectives (@PalmOilDetect) on August 12, 2021.

siamang hug

Originally tweeted by garrulous gibbon (@gibbonposting) on August 12, 2021.

May your week be bright and filled with beauty, let me know what you think of my selections below…

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