10 Interesting Things I found on the Internet #13

François Schuiten’s steampunk cityscapes 'Les Cités obscures'

1. Chilled out hip-hop grooves from Emapea – Seeds, Roots & Fruits

2. These book-rescuing heroes don’t wear capes

3. François Schuiten’s steampunk cityscapes ‘Les Cités obscures’

Immense skyscrapers and towering monoliths dwarf the citizenry in François Schuiten’s ‘Les Cités obscures’, a graphic novel series (1983–present) that captures the steampunk modernist aesthetic. Read more

François Schuiten’s steampunk cityscapes 'Les Cités obscures'

4. Wartime evening wear

5. Everything is going to be OK

The always interesting blog Miscellaneous Details featured Everything is Going to be OK. An installation by US conceptual artist Allan McCollum, currently on show at the Thomas Schulte gallery in Berlin. Featuring captioned screenshots from popular TV shows, it’s something I think we all need to remember right now. See more

6. Beautiful illustrations of classic Slavic folk tales by Googie McCabe

Googie McCabe is an immensely talented illustrator living in Kent and originally from Poland. She has created these beautiful, serene and magical illustrations for a book about Slavic folk tales. See more.

7. Teddy bears travel and enjoy themselves in the absence of people in recent times


8. The power of reframing

According to the wise and informative blog by Jeremy in Hong Kong, we can implement cognitive reframing as a powerful way to reinterpret events in a more positive way.

It comes from the idea that life events are inherently meaningless and only develop meaning when we assign meaning to them. Our thinking is so heavily influenced by past experience, values, beliefs, biases that it’s often possible to substantially change our view of an event by simply adjusting our perspective (story) about it: re-framing it in other words.

Read more

9. Rilakkuma and Kaoru -escapist anime on Netflix

Are you fed up with the world and all of its cruelty, confusion and violence? Look no further than this sweet and uplifting anime about a young woman who lives with animated stuffed bears Rilakkuma and Kaoru, along a very fussy and moody baby bird. Afterwards your brain will be repaired.

10. When a talented ambient producer creates music for a video, rather than the other way around

The results are magical! Found on the always interesting blog about ambient and drone music, Stationary Travels.

Video Premiere: Nebula by Slowburner

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