10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #46

In the first day of summer, I’ll be waiting for you, Ionomycin, Digital, 2021

Bonjour et bienvenue. This weeks wild and wooly wonders blew off the neighbours washing line into my backyard and now I’m just sifting through them!

The first lines of famous books infographic

This infographic definitely makes me want to check out some of these books I haven’t gotten around to reading yet. What about you? Via Reddit

The first lines of famous books infographic
The first lines of famous books infographic

Osi And The Jupiter — Uthuling Hyl

A dark and mystical journey into an ancient land. Great for reflections, pensive moods and focused concentration.

In the first day of summer, I’ll be waiting for you, Ionomycin, Digital, 2021

In the first day of summer, I’ll be waiting for you, Ionomycin, Digital, 2021

Via Reddit

Are you okay? Or are you just surviving? by Cheche Winnie

Today, I would like us to take a step back and evaluate our mental health. So much has been happening around us so fast. In that, we have been masking our pain, losses, failures, among others.

As a firstborn, I was made to understand that am the one to take care of everyone else. But they forgot to tell me how to do the same for myself.

It’s okay to be vulnerable from time to time, to accept what happens, and work on how to get up. But it’s easy said than done.

Your brain will trick you into undertaking so many tasks and responsibilities. Your zeal will produce results that will make you forget the misfortunes for a minute. You will be happy seeing others get helped, your project performing and more partnerships coming to life.

Then one day, out of blue. That pain that you ignored will manifest unawares, sending you into a mini hell. Allowing you to feel the pain wholly and mercilessly. Tears wash your face, heartbreaks into pieces, and your world feels crushed.

What would have prevented this?

It’s not good to hold back, not good for your mental health. Grieve if you need to, scream, shout, bite that clothe, squeeze that stress ball, or do whatever works for you. The goal is to let it out.

~ By the always insightful and inspiring blogger Cheche Winnie.

A yummy Palestinian vegan breakfast

I haven’t tackled this yet, but it appears to be a delectable masterpiece of flavour! I have just moved into a new place and need to buy a whole lot of cooking implements first, then I will give it a go and report back. If you do make it, please let me know what you think…

An 1800 year old family portrait

A mother and her two children beautifully rendered on a gilded glass medallion in Alexandria, Roman Egypt. Via Reddit

A massive mellow mix by the late Andrew Weatherall

Andrew Weatherall was a very influential producer of electronic and ambient sounds of the 90’s. I didn’t even know about him or his music but this was in my AI recommendation from Youtube and it has opened up an entire world of amazing music now.

A super rare polka-dotted Zebra

Another lesson from nature: appreciate and celebrate your differences, the things that set you apart from others, because they make you special and unique! Via Reddit

A super rare polka-dotted Zebra

Lovely Scotsman Dean and his beautiful wee cat Nala cycle along the Danube river

Now that the weather in the northern hemisphere is blooming wonderful, Dean and Nala are back in action and having adventures in Europe. Since Dean released his book about his adventures with his cat, more and more people in public seem to recognise them! I love how affectionate they are to each other, this is the sweetest channel if you don’t know about it.

There are fungus among us!

Just look at this beautiful fungus in a riot of colours, isn’t it magnificent! Via Twitter

There are fungus among us!
There are fungus among us!

Doug Lansky: Crap Souvenirs as featured on the Be Kitschig blog

The Be Kitschig blog is always enjoyable, entertaining and fun and I loved this post about an iconic book about kitsch, Doug Lansky’s Crap Souvenirs. I’m sure you’ve seen these kinds of treasures in your local op-shop or charity shop. I am a sucker for kitsch myself. Here’s some highlights from the book. If you haven’t subscribed to Be Kitschig yet, what are you waiting for?!

A mysterious and mystical tiny book treasure

This tiny book is adorned with silver wire embroidery and binding. Dating from the 17th Century, it is a very rare 1639 printing of The Whole Book of Psalms, ex-libris James Stevens-Cox. Via Twitter.

“I got pregnant during a computer sex chat!”

“Internet surfer Clarence Kudrow was so good as a cybersex partner he may have actually gotten a woman pregnant online!”. Via Pulp Librarian on Twitter

"I got pregnant from being in an online chat room!"
“I got pregnant from being in an online chat room!”

Let me know what you think of these premium juicy cuts below…

Content Catnip cat and breakfast gif

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7 thoughts on “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #46

    1. hehehe I’m so glad you enjoyed these Lani, yes those first lines really whet the appetite to read the whole book. That newspaper article is so funny too, just love how sort of awkward and weird people were about the internet back in the old days. I remember ‘logging on to surf the web’ hahaha…all of this terminology sounds so quaint now and the weird sound of the modem…yes who knew you could get pregnant from an internet chat room eh, so funny

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you like Andrew Weatherall Kev that’s a win. Yes the newspaper article about the woman who got pregnant online is so hilarious I think it comes from a time when the internet was a mystery hehe. It’s so amazing hehehe I will try and find more of these kinds of articles for you. Hope you and your family are doing well over there a d enjoying the summer


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