10 Cool Things I Found on the Internet #29

BLUE BRIDGE" Woodcut Print, Woodblock Print by Valerie Lueth | Tugboat Printshop

Ahoy there! Here is a quirky internet sea shanty, plucked from poseidon’s breast. I haven’t done one of these posts for a while, because I have been busy with another project to do with animals and conservation. I hope to keep up with these posts as I know some of you like them. Stay piratey me hearties.

3 Hours of Ancient Shamanic Music

Experimental Archaeology shows how the Moai would have ‘walked’

Archaeologists rigged up a 10 foot, 5 tonne replica of an Easter Island Moia and ‘walked it’ using ropes to test the theory of how the huge benemoths were originally moved. The result is hypnotic!

Endlessly complex and ornate woodcuts by Valerie Lueth AKA Tugboat Printshop

Valerie Lueth was raised on the South Dakota prairie, self-motivated to draw, build, tinker & explore–very active in the arts from her earliest years.

After receiving her BFA in Printmaking in 2004 she moved to Nashville, TN, working remotely as a full time video game concept artist & game texturer. In 2006 she move to Pittsburgh and co-founded Tugboat Printshop and has been producing limited edition woodcut prints for the artists’ press since then.

"BLUE BRIDGE" Woodcut Print, Woodblock Print by Valerie Lueth | Tugboat Printshop
BLUE BRIDGE” Woodcut Print, Woodblock Print by Valerie Lueth | Tugboat Printshop
"LIGHTNING" Woodcut Print by Valerie Lueth | Tugboat Printshop
“LIGHTNING” Woodcut Print by Valerie Lueth | Tugboat Printshop

Conservationist and Environmental Activist Cheche Winnie on listening

Listening and being present can resolve the majority of problems in our world and this post seems to relevant right now…

“In the existing noisy world, would you consider yourself a listener? Do you listen and get to hear what others have to offer? Get to know what they have to say, try to understand where they coming from, or even get some tips? Listening is a very powerful tool, yet ignored by many.

You don’t have to agree with what they have to say, but you need to have an open mind to grasp something useful.

Did you get anything new? Did you get corrected? Did you get why their reasoning is different from yours?

All our problems are connected if we all worked as a team without any selfish or greed motives. We can solve a whole lot of these problems.” Read more

Cheche Winnie

Icelandic Magical Rune Staves

These beautiful and ancient Icelandic Magical Rune Staves have a powerful meaning and symbolic resonance and can be used to bring protection and abundance into your life.

You can stay inside of a wooden owl in Bordeaux, France

You can stay inside of a wooden owl in Bordeaux, France

Via The Mind Circle

Hiroshi Yoshimura – Pier & Loft (1983) (Full Album)

Some relaxing and calming ambient music from one of Japan’s greatest ambient artists Hiroshi Yoshimura.

A close-up of a leafy sea dragon underwater

Björk at Wjörk – Sex Ed Teacher

In this funny comedy skit by a group of Melbourne musicians and artists, Björk tells us about how sex works – very amusing hehe.

A mechanised whale swimming over invisible waves

Wooden Migaloo 06 kinetic sculpture by Sylvain Gautier. Thanks goes to Jane Cornwell for the heads-up about this beauty.

Power Hour of rave, techno, breaks and jungle by Mall Grab

When you’re trying to make something and your neighbours are having a party…

When your trying to make something and your neighbours are having a party...
Via Weird History on Twitter

Cognition and Crochet – Each Moment Counts

The person telling you something you don’t want to hear may teach you to listen. Don’t forget everyone has their own story, how someone else’s life has been shaped to see the world may be different to how you see the world. Each moment brings a new possibility.

~ Cognition and Crochet

Kick back with some great anime recommendations from DB Movies Blog

The Illusionist (2010) is a lovely, heart-warming animation from Sylvain Chomet (“Les triplettes de Belleville” (2003)). In “The Illusionist”, a French illusionist finds himself unemployed and travels to Scotland. There, he meets a young girl and their destinies collide. Read more

Australians are so casual with animals that want to kill them….

In a gentle way, you can shake the world

Sarah Corbett, author and the founder of Craftivist Collective, a social enterprise which uses the technique of craftivism, combining craft and activism #womensart via Twitter

I hope you enjoyed these selections, please let me know what you think below…

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8 thoughts on “10 Cool Things I Found on the Internet #29

  1. That crocodile clip is so funny. OMG. Love the art, too. I’ve bookmarked this because in my newsletters I share these kinds of things, best of the web sort of things, including art, so this is right up my alley, baby! Thanks!


  2. Thanks Lani, yeah I can’t get enough of that video it’s really funny how casual he is. I have included your ‘conversation starters’ in next weeks 10 Things post, as I really loved those and they will promote interesting conversations. I am happy you think this stuff is good to include in your newsletters, there are another 28 of these posts out there in the wild, so if you want to grab things from them feel free. I love all these weird quirky things, it’s good to have a laugh 😆 and focus on the uplifting and positive and cute and weird things in life hehe ☺


  3. Love those woodcuts… so detailed and complex and such colouring! And enjoyed watching Sex according to Bjork. She always has her own very interesting take on things!


    1. Thank you for reading Amanda I’m so glad you liked the woodcuts and the funny sex-ed video, yes she did an amazing job impersonating Björk 🙂


      1. O was that an impersonation?! Haha I thought it didn’t look like her! Very good! Makes it even funnier in fact….


  4. They seem to have a magnetism that goes beyond the conscious mind, I felt drawn to them in a way, same as you… ancient symbols steeped in mysticism. Hope you are having a good week so far Kev 🙂


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