10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #43

20 Skies by Alex Hyner

In the areas between the two hemispheres of your brain there is a cloudy twilight zone where weird things hang out, this is where you will find these random things. I hope you enjoy them! Thank you for reading…

Sampson is allowed into the lab, so long as he wears full PPE

A Golden Retriever named Sampson who is the companion of a scientist at the University of Illinois has been given permission to accompany his mistress in the lab so long as he wears full PPE including a lab coat, plastic booties and goggles. Human friend Joey suffers from chronic pain and Sampson can anticipate when she needs help and can sound the alarm. Sampson is a gentle giant gentleman scientist, one small step for a doggie, one giant leap for science. Via Rex Specs

Coronavirus proteins as a beautiful piece of ambient music

Markus J. Buehler is the McAfee Professor of Engineering at MIT, and a composer of experimental, classical and electronic music, with an interest in sonification. Using an approach termed “materiomusic”, he has developed a new framework to compose music based on proteins – the basic molecules of all life, as well as other physical phenomena such as fracturing.

The Double Place-Names of Aboriginal Australia

Here are some interesting double word names for places in Victoria, Australia found on Reddit. Here’s the explanation as well from Wikipedia, although I would love to know more about the deeper meanings of these words from an Indigenous perspective.

These names are examples of reduplication, a common theme in Australian toponymy, especially in names derived from Indigenous Australian languages such as Wiradjuri. Reduplication is often used as an intensifier such as “Wagga Waggamany crows and “Tilba Tilbamany waters.


Baw Baw

Bet Bet

Brit Brit

Colac Colac

Cope Cope

Drik Drik

Gre Gre

Jil Jil

Joel Joel

Lal Lal

Lang Lang

Mia Mia

Mitta Mitta

Morrl Morrl

Nerrin Nerrin

Nowa Nowa

Nug Nug

Vite Vite

Wal Wal

Wallan Wallan

Wood Wood

Wool Wool

Woop Woop

20 Skies spliced into one image makes for a hynotising composition

20 Skies by Alex Hyner, buy it here. It reminds me a little bit of the painting ‘This Little Piggy’ by my friend Wayne Wolfson who I interviewed for this blog.

20 Skies by Alex Hyner
20 Skies by Alex Hyner

Bobbed Hair 1920’s Hairstyle Craze

Find out how to put up your hair and give yourself finger waves like in the 1920’s.

A cool infographic about the origin of dog breeds

Found on Reddit

A cool infographic about the origin of dog breeds
A cool infographic about the origin of dog breeds

The Earth 100,000 Years Ago by Youtube Historian Ben G. Thomas

Ben G. Thomas has a fascinating Youtube Channel all about ancient animals from different periods and this one was particularly interesting to me!

A fox visitor into Maria’s blooming and pretty garden

Artist Maria Strutz who I interviewed last week on this blog is surrounded by beauty.

A fox came in through the flowers of the sunken garden today and briefly drank from the pond. Immediately a crow swooped in, and started following the fox around, cawing all the time until the fox left. Crow stayed briefly before flying off.

A fox visitor into Maria's blooming and pretty garden

Big sparkly blueberry eye by Tina Yu

A relaxing and meditative experience watching Tina create a giant sparkly lilac eye in the centre of a egg-shaped lotus flower. If that sounds weird….well it is.

Throwing away old ideas and beliefs

From the always inspiring JustaCailín

Les Rigoles by Brecht Evens

I love the party atmosphere of this painting, it reminds me of all of the good times I have ever had out and about in cities. See more by Belgian artist Brecht Evens here.

Les Rigoles by Brecht Evens
Les Rigoles by Brecht Evens

The strange blue volcano of Ethiopia

The blue lava, also known as Api Biru is caused by a phenomenon that occurs when sulfur burns. This provides a ghostly and otherworldly electric-blue flame. Via Reddit

The strange blue volcano of Ethiopia
The strange blue volcano of Ethiopia

Habibi by Orange Blossom

French band Orange Blossom who I found randomly on Youtube are an incredible blend of trip-hop, Middle Eastern music, rock and other genres. I am in love with this band!

I hope you enjoyed this trip into the zen twilight zone between sleep and awake. Let me know what you think of these picks…

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