Ancient Word of the Day: Crudelis

Ancient Word of the Day: Crudelis

Crudelis: Latin To delight in blood and gore. Over time this word came to mean being vicious and cruel

The word Crudelis comes from an even older word in Proto-Indo-European, simply Kru which means blood, gore and viscera.

Kru words show up in the English language a lot in association with bloody and awful deaths.

Poland's Chapel of Skulls is a Monument to the Ever-Present Spectre of Death
Poland’s Chapel of Skulls – which I chickened out of going into btw!

Cruentous: Bloody (from Latin)

Cruentation: The ooze of blood when a body is cut open (Medical)

Recrudescence: To begin bleeding again (Medical)

Cruet: A small wine bottle that contains red wine/the blood of Christ during Mass.

Intricate paper cross sections of human bodies by Lisa Nilsson
Angelico by Lisa Nilsson. Intricate paper cross sections of human bodies by Lisa Nillson

Crucifixion: A cross made of fastened together tree trunks in an X shape, used as an instrument of torture and death.

Excruciating: The word originally coms from the pain of a crucifixion on the cross.

Crochet: A form of needle-work using a little hook.

Kruella De Ville: the notorious character from the Disney film 101 Dalmatians who wanted to skin the poor little doggies alive!

Ancient Word of the Day: Crudelis
The Many Lives of the Medieval Wound Man as featured in the amazing book Medieval Bodies


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