10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet this Week #10

1. Subterranean murmurs and echoes from beneath the ice

Two hours of haunting, swirling and otherworldly sounds as ice crackles in a frozen river in Sweden. This is a nice lullaby for going to sleep. Although you may have strange vivid dreams!

2. Jessica Baumgartner on how to find balance on a global, local and individual level.

When looking at the world as a whole, the idea of everything working together in harmony after over a century or more of extremism can sound impossible. It is not. Humanity has lived at peace with nature and its order for much longer than we have not.

Our history is filled with disruptions, destruction, pain, and countless horrors, but the balance to that are the stories that are glossed over in modern history books: tales of those who worked to mend our ills, neighbors who helped others in their community during trying times, parents tending children, charities working to provide food and clothing and shelter to the needy, people who fought to end vicious practices or nursed the sick through great plagues and disasters. On the whole, the current era is the most prosperous and peaceful time in recorded history, but we face many rising challenges: deforestation, pollution in the air, ground, and bodies of water, obesity in one country while others starve elsewhere. War. Human rights violations. These imbalances continue. They are problems that will not wait to be solved forever.

Global issues are connected to national, regional, and local issues. They start with each and every person and end with all of us. No single human should have to bear the brunt of it. Guilt and placing blame solve nothing.

Read more

3. Smiling Inu says, don’t sweat the small stuff..

4. Emapea – Seeds, Roots and Fruits

Welcome to the funky, chill-out afterhours vibes of YouTube

5. Hybrid Creatures by Naoto Hattori

Via This is Collossal

6. Monuments and marble can crumble and fall in the face of scrutiny

Nobody’s image is immutable if they are later verified to have been a dick.

7. Malcolm Gladwell talks to the How to Fail Podcast

The How to Fail podcast interviews prominent writers, philosophers and thinkers about times where they have failed and what they learned from these experiences. This time Malcolm Gladwell talks about how he misread various situations, including an epic copy-editing cock-up and what these situations meant. This is a profound, moving, humbling and insightful podcast. Have a listen here

8. Beatnik Beauty Transformation: A Sixties Makeover (1963) | British Pathé

I actually think she looks better as a Beatnik Proto-goth than she does dolled up like Jackie Onassis. Be a rebel instead! Her Beatnik winged eyeliner looks amazing and the ‘before’ look is definitely more cool.

9. A lovely Scotsman and his lovely cat go on joyous cycling adventures through Eastern Europe

10. Author Helen Jones on the power of quiet

For a moment, the world was quiet,

like a breath inhaled.

There was no hum of traffic, no roar of planes, no rumble of trains

in the valley below. Instead there was birdsong, the buzzing of bees, and

the breeze making music through the branches and long grasses.

Water rippled, silver, clear for the first time in years, like

the sky, no longer gasping with dust and smog and exhaust,

and the world was quiet.

Read more inspiration on Helen’s blog

11. Bonus: A Map of the Isle of Pleasure

A satirical map made in 1933 which lampoons various states of inebriation. The map was used to protest against alcohol prohibition in America. Inside of the skull are various states of drunkenness and playful cheeky double-entendres and wordplays. See more

A Map of the Isle of Pleasure
  • A Map of the Isle of Pleasure
  • A Map of the Isle of Pleasure
  • A Map of the Isle of Pleasure

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