10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #42

The real life Mozilla Firefox is mysterious AF

Yo-ho-ho and a genie bottle filled with Ugandan palm oil. Stick around a bit for some tasty morsels brought out from the back cellar for your perusal, black-label, rare stuff hope you enjoy it.

Tulip: A short film by Andrea Love (the genius behind Cooking With Wool)

This looks so cute! I have featured the work of stop motion animator and wool spinner Andrea Love in 10 Things before. I really hope this Kickstarter campaign goes well.

A sea of ethereal clouds

Via Reddit

The real life Mozilla Firefox is mysterious AF

This epic red fox appears so striking and unusual due to a genetic color variant which causes melanism (black fur or skin). Cross foxes are relatively common in Canada, they have a long dark stripe running down their back and this gives them their striking appearance. Via Reddit

Clabber: a borrowed word from Irish to English

Every year at the end of spring – an icy dragon’s eye appears in Japan

The Kagami Numa, the “Dragon Eye lake” is an incredible natural phenomenon that happens from late May to early June in Japan. During this time, the snow melts and pours into a valley between mountains, forming a white outline around an icy blue lake, like a piercing blue eye.

Via the always incredible geology blogger E-Morfes

Every year at the end of spring - an icy dragon's eye appears in Japan
Every year at the end of spring – an icy dragon’s eye appears in Japan

I Was a Teenage Werewolf by The Cramps

Another epic playlist of obscure songs from A 1000 Mistakes – 1985

This time it’s back to 1985 with a mix of rockabilly, funk, pop, metal, big hair stadium rock, Australian rock and everything else in between. Highlights for me are the Hoodoo Gurus, Midnight Oil, The Cult, The Jesus and Mary Chain and the Cramps. Make sure you check out William’s music blog, it’s awesome.

A newfoundland pup plays with a gibbon

The haunting sound of the Kōauau

A 2.5 million year old megalodon tooth

Hope you liked these things. Let me know what you think below. If you wish you can give alms to the poor here.

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  1. Oh cool, you’ve found the mid-80’s playlist now? I guess so and very glad you’re digging it, listening and sharing! Please feel free tooo re-posting any of the others, if you wanna? Hope you are having a good one? Cheers mate 🙂

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