Creativity: Keep the Channel by Martha Graham

Five YouTube Channels to Help Women Change Their Lives

This is very personal. I've found that by using these five channels on YouTube I have really gained a lot from life and these channels have helped me with my personal growth in fitness, health, wellness and happiness. I hope you will check them out and enjoy them as much as I do. By the…

Cyclops by Odilon Redon

Dreamy Art of Sublime Fantasy: Odilon Reddon

  Odilon Redon's art is the kind of mystical haze of colour and composition that you would find in the corner of your consciousness as you emerge from sleep. I love his art because of this reason, it hints at hidden worlds of emotion and depth that are located deep within us all. Odilon Redon…

Book Review: The Domesticated Brain by Bruce Hood

Book Review: The Domesticated Brain by Bruce Hood

This is a riveting read from one of the leading lights of modern psychology, Bruce Hood of the University of Bristol. The book’s main premise is that 20,000 years ago our brains were 10% larger than what they are today. And that the reason for this is primarily the influence of social practices, culture and…