Film Review: Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey (2016) Terrence Malick

The other night Terrence Malick’s new film Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey screened at the New Zealand International Film Festival Autumn events in Auckland. Although I’ve found Malick’s films a little too long and ponderous, this one I enjoyed more than his others because of its sparseness and its lack of human narrative and human characters.Continue reading “Film Review: Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey (2016) Terrence Malick”

Documentary: Australia in the year 2020 (as envisaged in 1990)

This documentary from the late 80’s/early 90’s Australia offers fascinating insights into what the pre-internet world thought the new century i.e. right now would be like. As a child I remember watching this TV show and pondering about what 202o would be like. It felt like a pipedream to me, as inconceivable as driving a moon rocketContinue reading “Documentary: Australia in the year 2020 (as envisaged in 1990)”

Explore and classify galaxies and planets for real scientific studies

Nowadays, it’s possible to become not just a participant in scientific studies, but one of the researchers. The internet and crowd-sharing knowledge has made this possible. We are now swimming in data, so rather than wade through everything themselves, scientists are asking the ”hive mind” of the internet to help them to resolve challenges, andContinue reading “Explore and classify galaxies and planets for real scientific studies”

Walter Kronkite: The Promise of the 21st Century’s Bounty (1967)

Quaint, hopeful and at times creepily accurate. This story with Walter Kronkite is just fascinating, as a historical artifact, and also to see just how many of these ideas actually came to fruition and how far beyond these simple ways of living we have come. “The domestication of the computer is upon us”. And what aContinue reading “Walter Kronkite: The Promise of the 21st Century’s Bounty (1967)”

Dürer, Replicants and Flying Cars: Exploring Impressive Imaginary Cities with @Oniropolis

If you haven’t already followed Imaginary Cities on Twitter @Oniropolis then you should right away! This is a curated treasure trove of architectural meanderings and inspiring cityscapes which have never existed other than in creative people’s minds. Imaginary Cities are where the imagined possibilities of tech, science fiction, futurism and 80’s pop culture are smashedContinue reading “Dürer, Replicants and Flying Cars: Exploring Impressive Imaginary Cities with @Oniropolis”

The Vintage Restart Page

Are you lonely and nostalgic for all of the crappy, interminably slow and dull-as-dishwater computers that you have possessed in the past. If you answered yes then enter into the timewarp that is the Vintage Restart Page. This features all of the crappy clip art graphics and quaintly exaggerated shadowing on buttons that you haveContinue reading “The Vintage Restart Page”

Every Picture Tells A Story: Shanghai Imagined in the year 2114

Shanghai imagined in the year 2114 by Nikolay Razuev See more imaginary cityscapes of the future on Reddit. And witness a breathtaking future retro interpretation of Auckland, done in the past but reflecting the future. Discover more future retro cityscapes.

Interactive History Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Histography is a visually stunning interactive online timeline that spans across 14 billion years of history, from the Big Bang to 2015. Taking data from Wikipedia, the site updates automatically and orders events using an algorithm. It’s like Wikipedia just with more engaging and interactive audiovisual specs and beautiful typography. The interface allows for usersContinue reading “Interactive History Like You’ve Never Seen It Before”

The Ultimate Soothing Tokyo Lullaby: Book and Bed

This is a novel concept that could only be conceived by the Japanese. A bed and book hostel. This captures the very essence of snuggling comfort- falling asleep while reading a good book! The Book and Bed Hostel is a bookshop that’s also a hostel and allows bibliophiles to hire out a nest-like bunk bedContinue reading “The Ultimate Soothing Tokyo Lullaby: Book and Bed”