Effective online marketing advice by Weird Al Yankovic

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The way Weird Al chose to release the music videos for his latest album has been brilliant in my opinion. The 8 days 8 videos model, for him in particular, is a great idea. Now instead of talking about the videos themselves, which most of you have probably seen. I…

Tech: A quaint visual voyage through the internet in 1996

Found in the David Rumsey Map Collection online, this poster entitled Ínternet Road Map from the magazine PC Computing dates from the quaint year of internet history, 1996. Back when I was a teen and when ‘surfing the web’ was something only geeks and introverts did, and therefore which I did with fervour using someContinue reading “Tech: A quaint visual voyage through the internet in 1996”

<3 The Internet: Fuglefjellet a remote island in Norway in 3D

In this unique and captivating 3D immersive storytelling tool, you can learn about the lives and habitat of birds living on the remote island of Fuglefjellet off the coast of Norway. Initially in Norwegian, the app has thankfully for us been translated into English. It’s a scroll through wet-dream of beautiful animation. I couldn’t thinkContinue reading “<3 The Internet: Fuglefjellet a remote island in Norway in 3D”

<3 The Internet: Dolphin Voices in the Sea

Dolphin Voices in the Sea is one for all the lovers of marine life. This lovely web based app is a bit dated but still delivers the goods with intriguing tidbits on different species of dolphins and spectograms of dolphins communicating with each other in the wild. The website features videos and scientists talking about their research efforts andContinue reading “<3 The Internet: Dolphin Voices in the Sea”

<3 The Internet: Localingual the global language encyclopedia

Locallingual is the brainchild of a programmer named David. It’s a web-based app that allows visitors to contribute their voices and accents according to regions, towns, countries, languages, and gender. It’s a fascinating online archive of people’s voices and can allow you to hear nuances in accents in regions and it’s also a valueable languageContinue reading “<3 The Internet: Localingual the global language encyclopedia”

<3 The Internet: The Basetrip app means easy travel advice

Basetrip is a unique travel app in that it tailors practical information to you according to where you live. So you can find out about time zones, weather, electricity sockets, currencies, exchange rates, costs of living, internet speeds, mobile data prices, health, vaccinations, road rules, embassies, visa information etc. together with travel tips from the community.Continue reading “<3 The Internet: The Basetrip app means easy travel advice”

<3 The Internet: Wikiverse reimagines Wikipedia as distant galaxies and stars

Built by programmer Owen Cornec, Wikiverse is a Web-based interactive 3D map of Wikipedia that visualizes the website as a cosmic web of information, literally turning it into a marvelous galaxy of knowledge you can conveniently explore with your mouse. Whether you find it frustrating trawling through hundreds of Wikipedia entries or if you’ve simply got a curious temperament like me then Wikiverse isContinue reading “<3 The Internet: Wikiverse reimagines Wikipedia as distant galaxies and stars”

The Grotesque Body Archetype: Art by Lucy McRae

Make your Maker is a nightmarish, macabre lab setting where experiments drip and flow with gellatinous human body shapes in turquoise and lurid green colours. These body parts are harvested, sliced and then consumed greedily. Artist Lucy McRae’s work has been featured in Dazed and Confused, Wallpaper and for advertising with skincare brand Aesop. SheContinue reading “The Grotesque Body Archetype: Art by Lucy McRae”

Vincent Van Gogh In 3D Occulus Rift

Famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh ‘The Night Cafe’ gets the Occulus Rift treatment with a 3 dimensional view into Van Gogh’s hidden world. Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo in 1888 and joked that he planned on painting the Café de la Gare as revenge for husband and wife proprietors Joseph-Michel and MarieContinue reading “Vincent Van Gogh In 3D Occulus Rift”

The Origins of Flat Digital Design

Flat design has exploded in recent years, thanks to a range of prestigious early adopters that paved the way for the rest of the online stratosphere. In 2014 and beyond, there have been many big name brands that have become swept up in flat digital design. So where did this design trend come from? IsContinue reading “The Origins of Flat Digital Design”