Vincent Van Gogh In 3D Occulus Rift

Vincent Van Gogh In 3D Occulus Rift

Famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh ‘The Night Cafe’ gets the Occulus Rift treatment with a 3 dimensional view into Van Gogh’s hidden world.

Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo in 1888 and joked that he planned on painting the Café de la Gare as revenge for husband and wife proprietors Joseph-Michel and Marie taking loads of his money over the years.

Today I am probably going to begin on the interior of the café where I have a room, by gas light, in the evening. It is what they call here a “café de nuit” (they are fairly frequent here), staying open all night. “Night prowlers” can take refuge there when they have no money to pay for a lodging, or are too drunk to be taken in.

Vincent Van Gogh in a letter to his brother explaining his intention to paint the cafe.

Over two nights he painted and slept during the day, later creating a toned down watercolour version.

Vincent Van Gogh In 3D Occulus Rift
Café de la Gare, 30 Place Lamartine, run by Joseph-Michel and his wife Marie Ginoux.

This melding of technology and art was submitted by Mac Cauley of Brooklyn, NY as a part of Occulus Rift’s Mobile VR Jam. Artists and animators submit unique work into a competition and go into the running to win millions in prizes.

“I have always been drawn to the paintings of Van Gogh and I imagined it would be amazing to be inside one of these colorful worlds. While creating the environments of these paintings in 3D space, I’ve had to expand on areas that can’t be seen; rooms behind doors, objects hidden from view, people turned away from the viewer.” – Mac Cauley

This opens new worlds for lovers of art. It’s like taking a glace behind the mirror. What do you think? 

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2 thoughts on “Vincent Van Gogh In 3D Occulus Rift

  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing this. The Night Cafe is one of my favorite Van Gogh paintings. As an old pool player, I feel ambiance of the room even with only one table. I got a jigsaw puzzle of it years ago and framed it after getting all the pieces together, then hung it in my office.

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    1. Hey thanks for stopping by to read here Tony. I know what you mean, it’s also my favourite Van Gogh too and this made me see it in a new way, which is amazing. That sounds great with your jigsaw puzzle, hopefully one day you can try to view it with Occulus Rift glasses, it’s within the realms of possibility, I reckon those goggles will end up being really big.

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