<3 The Internet: The Basetrip app means easy travel advice

Basetrip is a unique travel app in that it tailors practical information to you according to where you live. So you can find out about time zones, weather, electricity sockets, currencies, exchange rates, costs of living, internet speeds, mobile data prices, health, vaccinations, road rules, embassies, visa information etc. together with travel tips from the community.  The main point of difference is that this is compared to the country you’re currently living in. Costs are compared to your country, along with internet speeds, laws and so on.

Not only is it great for practical and personalised travel information, it’s a great cultural comparison tool.


Here’s why the team created it

Driven by an idea to connect people whose lifestyles’ are a combination of innumerable ideas, immense energy and extraordinary talent, The Basetrip recognizes the needs of a new generation of young people who strive to explore the world, widen their perspective and enhance their skills by travelling to some amazing places out there. 


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