Lebensader: a little girl finds the whole world in a leaf

Lebensader: a little girl finds the whole world in a leaf

This is a luscious trip into a parallel microcosmos where colours, sounds and mystical beings all abound and swirl together. Lebensader is a short film with a sweetness, innocence and curious wonder about it that will stay with you for a long time afterwards. It was created in 2009 by animator Angela Stefffen who works as an independent director and animator at Studio FILM BILDER. Angela’s animations and series have won many awards over the decades.

Born in Dannenberg, Germany in 1979, she spent time in Saudi Arabia as a child before returning to Germany during the Gulf war. Angela studied animation at the Animation-School-Hamburg and then at the Institute of Animation, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, graduating in 2009. Whilst at the Filmakademie she developed a personal and poetic style culminating in Lebensader, a surreal masterpiece.

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