<3 The Internet: Wikiverse reimagines Wikipedia as distant galaxies and stars

Built by programmer Owen Cornec, Wikiverse is a Web-based interactive 3D map of Wikipedia that visualizes the website as a cosmic web of information, literally turning it into a marvelous galaxy of knowledge you can conveniently explore with your mouse.

Whether you find it frustrating trawling through hundreds of Wikipedia entries or if you’ve simply got a curious temperament like me then Wikiverse is going to become a new handy tool.

wikipedia wikiverse interactive map 1

Wikiverse sources thousands of articles from Wikipedia and then generates a map where it showcases the countless connections between nodes of information.

In Wikiverse, each article appears as a star within larger domains and clusters of knowledge. To access any entry on Wikipedia, simply click on a star and Wikiverse will pull up the information for you.

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