Book Review: Cats Galore, prominent cats throughout history

Book Review: Cats Galore, prominent cats throughout history

Spurred on by my recent missive about internet culture and the cult of cuteness, I moved very quickly down the rabbit hole into the depths of cat worship on the internet. Cats Galore is an art book with a difference. It’s what happens when internet culture gets mashed up and combined with the prominent art from the history of modern civilisation. What is churned out is a comical, kitschy and somewhat bizarre selection of paintings with felines in the starring roles.

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Mona Lisa’s knowing look is translated into the expression of a gently enigmatic mog.  Each part of the book is a delight for cat lovers and art lovers alike. Cats Galore brings together affectionately rendered Pre-Raphaelite cats, Shakespearean Cats, Cats from Film and the opera. It’s a feline saga not too different from the nocturnal neighbourhood rumblings of cats in heat. It showcases the noble, indefatiguable and regal qualities of cats and showcases their rebellious streaks as well with a bushy-tailed rendition of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. This is one for all of the lovers of internet culture, art and feisty felines, often these people are the same people – and they tend to be my kind of people.

It’s the perfect useless gift


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