Emerging Genius: North Atlantic Drift, Departures Vol.1

Emerging Genius: North Atlantic Drift, Departures Vol.1

North Atlantic Drift is the experimental from Toronto-based ambient and electronic duo of Brad Deschamps and Mike Abercrombie. North Atlantic Drift were formed in the summer of 2011. The band sound uncannily reminiscent of their name, with a glacial, hynotic, pleasant drone and ambient meanderings into music. This is expansive, atmospheric ambient in the same vein as Brian Eno and Erik Satie.   Following their first record Canvas in 2012, they released departures Vol. 1 through Polar Seas Recording in 2017. You can hear the full album on Bandcamp or purchase it.

A video for the evocative song Kiarash Sadigh tells the story of a blindfolded quartet playing in a forest as glimmers of light approach. The musicians continue to play passionately as the light flickers and dances around them.


Their unique sound is beyond classification and brings the listener into a quiet state of ecstacy which undulates and flows along with their attention. Mike and Brad live and work out of Toronto where they develop their varied and atmospheric catalogue of music from their studio.

Taking inspiration from the turbulent North Atlantic which is all the more dramatic from space, here is a NASA picture to get you in the mood


The Turbulent North Atlantic - NASA
The Turbulent North Atlantic – NASA

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