Amazing Website Alert: The Deep Sea by Neal Fun

Amazing Website Alert: The Deep Sea

Designer and Code-Master Neal Agarwal has created and incredible range of interactive mini-sites.

One explains what your body has been up to since you were born. Another – and my personal favourite, is the Deep Sea. This is a scrolling deep-dive into ocean life and charts how deep each organism can go into Earth’s final frontier, the deep ocean. There are a lot of surprises and little-known facts about obscure ocean creatures you have never heard of. As well as tales of adventure from humans who dared to delve. Who knew a click-wheel on a mouse could feel so exploratory?!

Amazing Website Alert: The Deep Sea by Neal Fun

There are many other quirky interactive mini-websites on Neal’s website

Neal Agarwal is an immensely talented designer and computer engineer. He graduated from Virginia Tech and is interested in creating interactive websites that combine storytelling, education and technology – in other words all of the good stuff in life. He has been coding since he was ten years old.

Amazing Website Alert: The Deep Sea by Neal Fun


The Challenger Expedition: Wikipedia

Neil Fun: Deep Sea

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