360 degree VR film of Tokyo: A hyper-creepy and darkly enjoyable feast

The strange streetscapes in a Tokyo without ads

【360° Movie】Tokyo Light Odyssey (Full) from WOW inc on Vimeo.

If Pink Floyd and Stanley Kubrik were to have a baby in 2017 – this is what it would look like.

Be taken on a sublime journey of immersive 360 degree Tokyo in a most unsettling mood. The immersive short film is filled with the impersonal fluorescent tubing of remote petrol stations, the blinking lights of city buildings all cascading through 3 dimensional space like exotic and symmetrical cut crystal. We are voyeurs into this macabre world, where we can navigate through the darkness of space and see the relics of humankind. Watching this unfold in 360 degrees is unnerving and discombobulating. I hope you enjoy it.

The work was produced by the Beyond Motion Graphics company. The team have explored an extreme vision of Tokyo through dissected and bisected mechanical parts and motion graphics. Combining VR technology and innovative storytelling they have created a truly unique piece of art here.





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