Find a randomly useful website!

If you’re in a bind, bored of simply tired of the same old mediocre crap in your regular channels or news feeds, then check out this ingenious little tool. This lookup tool allows you to get acquainted with useful websites that offer helpful skills and solutions that are universally handy for anyone. Click to exploreContinue reading “Find a randomly useful website!”

Auckland: Reclaiming the city for pedestrians and cyclists

I got something in the mail the other day. A planned new cycleway running down one of the main streets of Auckland CBD, Nelson st and then criss-crossing all over the city. This is music to my ears as Auckland has to be one of the noisiest and congested cities in this part of theContinue reading “Auckland: Reclaiming the city for pedestrians and cyclists”

Twenty Two of the Most Dirty Sounding Non-dirty Words in the English Language

Although akin to smutty words, this collection of innocent-until-proven-otherwise words come from a forum post on Reddit. I hope you enjoy them and can contribute your own slightly smutty sounding words to the list. If you find your skin crawling a little bit then refrain from using them or at least think of this sillyContinue reading “Twenty Two of the Most Dirty Sounding Non-dirty Words in the English Language”

Seven Curiously Contrarian Words in the English Language

Some words in English inexplicably have a defined meaning and then also mean the exact opposite of that meaning. These are known as contronyms or Janus words – the latter derived from the Roman god of beginnings and endings, often depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions). 1.Sanction To give official permission or approvalContinue reading “Seven Curiously Contrarian Words in the English Language”

Objects With A Story. Object 1: The Tiny Book

I found this tiny old leatherbound book in the home of a woman I was looking after in Wales about six years ago. I liked looking after the woman and living in her ancient thatch-roofed house in the middle of nowhere. The serenity was perfect. And yet precisely because it was so serene, I gotContinue reading “Objects With A Story. Object 1: The Tiny Book”

Happy 30th Birthday My Darling

I’ve been with you for more than 4 years now and on this day you’ve finally hit the big 3-oh. I would like you to know (and the rest of the world) that I love you and always will. You’ve made me incredibly happy and we’ve had some really fun adventures together. I hope forContinue reading “Happy 30th Birthday My Darling”

British Roundabout Porn and The Battle of Hastings

In Britain there is a unique subset of people who are fascinated and obsessed with roundabouts. Not your average concrete roundabouts with some paving or a few weeds in the middle. But rather your fancy, pond or windmill in the centre roundabouts. A few years back, the Time Team revealed that a key point in theContinue reading “British Roundabout Porn and The Battle of Hastings”