Renaissance Art/Rapper Mashup

In the past I’ve showcased Scorpion Dagger’s Renaissance era GIFs. This takes the classical art mash-up one step further with hilarious results. B4 XVI (Before Sixteen) explores the often overlooked visual and cultural similarities between hip hop poseurs and medieval aristocrats. Hey it’s all got to be referenced from somewhere, right? One from the deepContinue reading “Renaissance Art/Rapper Mashup”

Narrative arcs: a funny and simple explanation by Kurt Vonnegut

This amazing explanation of narrative arcs by Kurt Vonnegut had me laughing out loud. To actually be present at this lecture would have been totally awesome. This video is great starting point for narrative structures and point of view, although really only the tip of the iceberg of a very gigantic topic. I hope otherContinue reading “Narrative arcs: a funny and simple explanation by Kurt Vonnegut”

Words of the Day: Shit-Ring & Bubble-Butt Bot-Net

Recently, while working away on a project, I discovered that the only way to actually grow followers on Instagram in any sort of meaningful scale above 300 or so is to either buy these followers from China or Russia, or to  enlist the help of an infamous Instagram Bot. These are regularly banned from Instagram forContinue reading “Words of the Day: Shit-Ring & Bubble-Butt Bot-Net”

How Long Does It Take to Make a Woods?

“How long does it take to make the woods? As long as it takes to make the world. It is always finished, it is always being made, the act of its making forever greater than the act of its destruction.” (Wendell Berry, from A Timbered Choir, 1999)

Gemma Correll’s spirit animal is a pug and her cartoons are all kinds of charming wonderful

Gemma Correll is the high priestess of wry, cute and amusing cartoons that are compassionate to women’s bodily woes and emotional complexities. Her cartoons are sweet, sassy and charming and I’m totally in love with them. Also she’s an aquarius, an INFJ and pretty much loves all the same things I do, so I have aContinue reading “Gemma Correll’s spirit animal is a pug and her cartoons are all kinds of charming wonderful”

The Soul of the World: David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace combined his phenomenal intelligence and gift for writing with a high level of self-awareness, and a deep awareness of the brutality and enormity of the world. He had an almost omnipotent ability to understand and communicate about what it means to be human in his iconic books. Like most highly sensitive peopleContinue reading “The Soul of the World: David Foster Wallace”

Stock photos from hell

Prepare to enter a truly surreal and fantastical realm. These stock photos were created by people who had the most noble intentions of using these images in a myriad of situations. Although just how many people purchased these stock photos I wonder? I’d mortgage my house and sell my family to bet that nobody hasContinue reading “Stock photos from hell”

Hipster menu generator: get ready for culinary darts of displeasure

I’m sure you’re familiar with the trend of indecipherable menu items that’s sprung up all over the world recently, right? it’s also known as hipsterising a menu. Suddenly there’s a whole new world of pretentious sounding menu items that you’ve never seen in all of your years prior, living on our planet. Who knew thatContinue reading “Hipster menu generator: get ready for culinary darts of displeasure”

Signs Of The Times in The Simpsons

Everyone’s favourite yellow-bodied people in The Simpsons inhabit a world of biting satire and strange congruences to our 3D world. J.J. Jones is the creator of the underground Tumblr blog Signs of Springfield. He has collected stills of billboards and signs in Simpsons episodes and posted these onto his Tumblr blog. These blink-and-you’ll-miss-it signs revealContinue reading “Signs Of The Times in The Simpsons”

Cats These Days With Their Trendy Hair…What Can You Do?

The mysterious green cat of Varna Bulgaria has baffled people all over the interwebs. Many have asked, is green cat real or was he simply shaded that way in photoshop? It seems that he is indeed real and scientists have been unraveling the mystery of this pea coloured puss ever since. In truth he visitedContinue reading “Cats These Days With Their Trendy Hair…What Can You Do?”