Twenty Two of the Most Dirty Sounding Non-dirty Words in the English Language

Although akin to smutty words, this collection of innocent-until-proven-otherwise words come from a forum post on Reddit. I hope you enjoy them and can contribute your own slightly smutty sounding words to the list. If you find your skin crawling a little bit then refrain from using them or at least think of this sillyContinue reading “Twenty Two of the Most Dirty Sounding Non-dirty Words in the English Language”

Seven Curiously Contrarian Words in the English Language

Some words in English inexplicably have a defined meaning and then also mean the exact opposite of that meaning. These are known as contronyms or Janus words – the latter derived from the Roman god of beginnings and endings, often depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions). 1.Sanction To give official permission or approvalContinue reading “Seven Curiously Contrarian Words in the English Language”

What’s cool and new on the Internet in 1994

Unsure about this new thing called The Internet that all of your friends are using right now? Well cowabunga dude, don’t have a cow! Just login and take a look at what’s new right now in 1994 on The Internet. The long-ago defunct dotcom start-up Netscape has a live and working website that still allows youContinue reading “What’s cool and new on the Internet in 1994”

Menswear Dog Is Dripping With Badassery

Menswear Dog is very quietly becoming a thing. This dog is sauve as f%&* and a real hit with the ladies. If you’ve become tired of seeing male humans in perfectly coordinated and well tailored outfits, then you’re in for a real treat. See below…I have hijacked the popular Tumblr blog with my own captions.Continue reading “Menswear Dog Is Dripping With Badassery”

Tinder Tales As Told By Puppets

Tinder is that ruthless app that allows users to swipe left on their device to move to the next potential lover. How simple and yet malevolent! Although around 50 million people are using it worldwide so that’s telling. This is a collection of true dating experiences on Tinder, demonstrated by some amazing puppets. Tales fromContinue reading “Tinder Tales As Told By Puppets”

Philosophical Friday: The Pleasure of Being a Homebody

This poster is absolutely priceless, I found it on Reddit.  While there’s much to be said for going on an epic journey into the unknown, or gearing up for a massive weekend festival, we are often champing at the bit when we see a line-up for a festival. Yet the reality is, we end upContinue reading “Philosophical Friday: The Pleasure of Being a Homebody”

Six Words To Use In Business Meetings That You’ve Never Heard Before

These words are brilliantly archaic and devilishly cheeky. They should be employed in those workday moments when you want to have a good laugh. Or if you simply want to shoot the breeze and have a more interesting water-cooler conversation. Pedeconferencing Pedeconferencing is the sensation of holding a meeting while on the move, with coffee in handContinue reading “Six Words To Use In Business Meetings That You’ve Never Heard Before”

Free Storytelling Tool Demonstrates Game of Thrones Map

Geo-located map apps are fun to make and fun for the audience to engage with. These storytelling tools have huge potential when the story is map-based. StoryMap can implement multimedia, text and interactivity along with location relevance. StoryMapJS is the brainchild of Northerwestern Univeristy Knight Lab and is a digital storyteller’s dream. To demonstrate it’sContinue reading “Free Storytelling Tool Demonstrates Game of Thrones Map”

Bill Bailey Demands Release Of Land Snails in Polynesia

In a fascinating Guardian interactive entitled Seven Digital Sins, Comedian Bill Bailey muses on how the abundance of campaigns on social media causes us all to go into meltdown. As a consequence, we never become deeply involved in social causes and ideas that we are passionate about, beyond the paltry click-click of our keyboards. HisContinue reading “Bill Bailey Demands Release Of Land Snails in Polynesia”