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Four Concerning Marketing Trends to Watch in 2014

Trend 1: A Lack of Direction From Ad Agencies According to online marketing gurus eConsultancy, there’s a big yawning gap between a coordinated marketing efforts and results. A report recently issued by the Australian Cross Channel Marketing Report showed of 200 businesses surveyed, 57% felt that ad agencies lacked a clear online marketing strategy. According […]


Death To Bullshit

In this wonderful slideshare presentation below, Brad Frost cuts through the bullshit of content marketing, with some amusing and incisive revelations. Death to Bullshit is a refreshingly honest perspective on the rapid rise of information in our culture in the past few years. Source: Apparently QR codes are bullshit, as well as banner ads and e-newsletters. […]


Eight Amazing Ways to Ignite the Fire of Creativity

The routines, the jobs, and the monotony of everyday life can take its toll on your imagination. That little spark inside of your soul that wants to paint, write, dance, make music or be the living embodiment of creativity, can become stifled and suffocated. Source: Unless you allow yourself to be indulgently selfish. I don’t […]


Five Ways to Embrace the Future of Web Design

When planning out a website, it’s not the fifty colours, flash animations and fancy fonts that will get visitors’ attention. No — not unless you’re aiming for the sudden onset of adulthood epilepsy. The word on everyone’s lips (anybody who knows anything about web design) is usability. A visitor to a website should be treated […]


Four Selling Tips You Can’t Be Without

Sales skills aren’t just the domain of the salespeople. They help everyone to get ahead in life.  Whether you’re selling the benefits of your perspective to a child, a colleague or your partner it’s just another valuable feather in the cap. I’m not meaning manipulation, control or any of the other negative connotations of selling. […]


The Pocket Checklist for Content Quality

Sometimes during a tremendously complicated project, content quality and self-checking mechanisms can get swamped among the millions of other things on your plate. As you probably know, there’s more to writing that simply grammar and punctuation. So here’s a couple of essential tips. Use them as a homing beacon after a 18 hour stint behind […]