The Purgatory of Good and Bad Choices: Vintage Criminal Portraits

These photos of Australian female criminals come from a series taken between 1910 and 1930 by the NSW police. For the benefit of the modern-day reader, a surprising amount of detail remains of the subjects’ stories. Unlike a typical mug shot, these women were allowed or perhaps even encouraged, to compose themselves or position themselves inContinue reading “The Purgatory of Good and Bad Choices: Vintage Criminal Portraits”

Welcome to Melbourne’s Rapidly Vanishing World

In just about any city, formerly unfashionable places undergo rapid revamps. Suddenly overnight, these shabby, overlooked places become cool. It’s a fickle and inevitable transformation. A sublimination and muting of tastes into the oblivion of current fashion. This is the case in Melbourne’s western suburbs: Altona, Seddon, Footscray, Yarraville, Sunshine and Newport. Every city withContinue reading “Welcome to Melbourne’s Rapidly Vanishing World”

Eight Principles of Emotive Graphic Design To Improve Your Website

Emotive graphic design and copywriting are a wonderful combination that grabs your attention and grabs in your chest, where you feel something. It’s authentic and should be only type of graphic design that you ever attempt. When you reach an error 404 page and there’s a cute picture and anwitty and irreverent one-liner that guidesContinue reading “Eight Principles of Emotive Graphic Design To Improve Your Website”

23 Essentials for a Kick Ass Content Marketing Strategy

Content strategy is made up of several different stages. The most obvious and well-known part of the cycle is content creation. Although there’s a lot more to successful content strategy than this. These are analysis, taxonomy and audit, workflow reviews and distribution parts too. In this article we will be considering each individually and gainingContinue reading “23 Essentials for a Kick Ass Content Marketing Strategy”

Amazing Vintage Star Wars Art

Ralph McQuarrie (1929-2012) was an American conceptual designer and illustrator. He had a keen sense of aesthetics and imagination that set him apart from other illustrators. So he was a natural choice for George Lucas, who looked to him for inspiration for the Star Wars trilogy. McQuarrie was responsible for designing many of the film’sContinue reading “Amazing Vintage Star Wars Art”

Historic Jukebox: Jamie XX & Edgar Allan Poe

Be transported into a different reality. With these floating, untethered words and music that I’ve curated or stumbled upon accidentally. In any case they are evocative and inspire deep escapism and magical voyages into the history of the world. Enjoy! There will be more Historic Jukebox to come! Instructions 1. Play Video. 2. Read Text.Continue reading “Historic Jukebox: Jamie XX & Edgar Allan Poe”