A history of the world’s languages as a gnarly willow tree

The world’s mother tongues have blended and intermingled since humans first stood upright and emerged out of the primeval forests. Here’s a really awesome family tree beautifully illustrated by Minna Sundberg. Minna is an immensely talented illustrator who has been creating a wonderful tales set in northern Europe for her online web comic Stand Still,Continue reading “A history of the world’s languages as a gnarly willow tree”

Lapland Over Four Splendid Seasons

Lapland straddles the northern-most regions within Sweden and Finland. Yet this place is more than merely the legendary hideout of Santa, it sparkles all year round with serene natural beauty. Whatever the reason and whatever the season, you should go there. Spring The spring in Lapland is brief and boisterous, with many creatures all clamouring toContinue reading “Lapland Over Four Splendid Seasons”