Ancient Word of the Day: Kawaakari

Kawaakari (Japanese)

Kawaakari is a mystical Japanese word that means the glow of a river or stream in darkness or dusk, or the gleaming surface of a shadowed river (Japanese 川明かり). Kawaakari can also mean the reflection of the moonlight off flowing water.

A Full Moon in Scorpio: Culinary Adventures and Moonlit Walks Around Auckland Harbour
Auckland on a full moon. Copyright Content Catnip 2014

Obumbro (Latin)

A similar word in Latin in Obumbro. To shadow over and over: to make dark with shadow, save or keep from danger.

Obumbratus amnis – a river shadowed with trees.

Cooper’s Thesaurus Linguae Romanae & Britannicae, 1578.

Ancient Word of the Day: Kawaakari
Celestial ceilings and soaring skies in Poland
Inside of the walls of Wawel Castle, in Krakow, a gigantic strawberry moon rise on Midsummer’s Eve. Copyright Content Catnip 2015

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6 thoughts on “Ancient Word of the Day: Kawaakari

    1. Aww I really hope that you get the chance to go once this covid crap is over…it can’t end soon enough I reckon. My bf and I go as much as we can, so far twice but we definitely want to go back. It’s amazing and our favourite place in the world Japan, food, culture, and the music is pretty amazing there too…not the J-Pop stuff but the Jazz, experimental and electronic music is really interesting there too. I hope you get to go mate, I will give you a lot of recommendations of places to check out!

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  1. I’m so excited for you to go there for the first time….do it do it hehe
    Here’s a video I made of a cultural festival that was on in a suburb of Tokyo while we were there, we didn’t plan it, just happened to be there and we saw a massive crowd and markets, there are a lot of these low-key suburban festivals going on all the time. I love the drone chanting of the monks and the taiko drumming in the video…maybe not the best audio hereyou but the video is pretty immersive.


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