The Purgatory of Good and Bad Choices: Vintage Criminal Portraits

These photos of Australian female criminals come from a series taken between 1910 and 1930 by the NSW police. For the benefit of the modern-day reader, a surprising amount of detail remains of the subjects’ stories. Unlike a typical mug shot, these women were allowed or perhaps even encouraged, to compose themselves or position themselves inContinue reading “The Purgatory of Good and Bad Choices: Vintage Criminal Portraits”

Welcome to Melbourne’s Rapidly Vanishing World

In just about any city, formerly unfashionable places undergo rapid revamps. Suddenly overnight, these shabby, overlooked places become cool. It’s a fickle and inevitable transformation. A sublimination and muting of tastes into the oblivion of current fashion. This is the case in Melbourne’s western suburbs: Altona, Seddon, Footscray, Yarraville, Sunshine and Newport. Every city withContinue reading “Welcome to Melbourne’s Rapidly Vanishing World”