What’s Your Favourite Smell? Mine Is Petrichor

So basically, the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) in Australia have invented a truckload of good things. Insect repellent was one – out of necessity in  Australia no doubt. Polymer banknotes was another, and so was WiFi. But probably their most esoteric and weird invention was a word to describe a smell. Petrichor.Continue reading “What’s Your Favourite Smell? Mine Is Petrichor”

Tinder Tales As Told By Puppets

Tinder is that ruthless app that allows users to swipe left on their device to move to the next potential lover. How simple and yet malevolent! Although around 50 million people are using it worldwide so that’s telling. This is a collection of true dating experiences on Tinder, demonstrated by some amazing puppets. Tales fromContinue reading “Tinder Tales As Told By Puppets”

Treasures to Love and Adore: Smith Journal

In the magazine publishing world nowadays, it takes a good deal of creativity and originality to be able to stand out and make revenue.  This Australian magazine is built upon solid foundations of authenticity. From cover to cover it’s high quality. What makes it so great is there is a subtle harmony of beautiful designContinue reading “Treasures to Love and Adore: Smith Journal”

Cut The Crap at The Checkout: A Guide to Free Shipping For Australia and New Zealand

After a few months of living in New Zealand, I’ve found the selection of bricks and mortar clothing stores, book shops and electronics outlets very wanting. Particularly when it comes to men’s clothing. My boyfriend, although incredibly fussy – was pretty much unable to locate a plain black, classic fit shirt or plain black t-shirtContinue reading “Cut The Crap at The Checkout: A Guide to Free Shipping For Australia and New Zealand”

Cruelty Free Product Review: Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Trilogy’s brand genesis essentially begun with the discovery by New Zealanders Catherine de Groot and Sarah Gibbs of the marvelous benefits of rosehip oil. In 2002, the two ladies launched the Trilogy brand based on the efficacy of rosehip oil as a natural and effective alternative to synthetic skincare ingredients. As their hero product, certified organicContinue reading “Cruelty Free Product Review: Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil”

The Three Step Guide to Buying Cruelty Free

Firstly, The Dodgy List  Although many brands do test on animals or use animal-based ingredients (ie. non-vegan) ingredients, they get around this with some amazing marketing spin. As an self-described spin-doctor for brands myself, I still find this sort of deception repulsive.  Here’s some confusing and vague words to watch out for on product packaging:Continue reading “The Three Step Guide to Buying Cruelty Free”

Are Sharks A Real Summer Danger in Australia?

Great white sharks are found all over the world and live up to 30 years and grow up to 6 metres in length. Feeding primarily on fish and seals, they are one of the majestic masters of the world’s oceans. Sparked by recent spate of fatal shark attacks, Western Australia’s Premier recently gave the greenContinue reading “Are Sharks A Real Summer Danger in Australia?”

The Earth Only Lives Once: Climate Change Protests Happening Right Now

Street protests demanding urgent action on climate change have galvanised hundreds of thousands of people all over the world into action in 2,000 locations worldwide.In NYC, the People’s Climate Change March took place on the streets ahead of the UN climate change summit in New York.  Image Source Image Source   In Manhattan, organisers that aroundContinue reading “The Earth Only Lives Once: Climate Change Protests Happening Right Now”

MSG: What Australian and New Zealand Consumers Should Know

Mono Sodium Glutamate was a buzz word from the 80’s and 90’s. It seemed that everyone had a story to tell about the after-effects of this flavour enhancing food additive. MSG used to be a dirty word, but it seems that in the past decade, the tide of scientific evidence has turned the other way.Continue reading “MSG: What Australian and New Zealand Consumers Should Know”

The Purgatory of Good and Bad Choices: Vintage Criminal Portraits

These photos of Australian female criminals come from a series taken between 1910 and 1930 by the NSW police. For the benefit of the modern-day reader, a surprising amount of detail remains of the subjects’ stories. Unlike a typical mug shot, these women were allowed or perhaps even encouraged, to compose themselves or position themselves inContinue reading “The Purgatory of Good and Bad Choices: Vintage Criminal Portraits”